Erotic story: An evening at my Armory

By Eric Patrick.

My long day of paperwork and inventory was finished. I had arrived early to the National Guard Armory, powering on my government issued laptop at 0700, and that was after a two hour drive. The early morning and the long day had me spent. The few NCO’s who work full time were a help but they were taking off at 1700 to go home, the end of just another workday for them. Instead of driving home like my coworkers, I was just planning to crash in my office, something I often did when I had to get work done so far from home.

I assembled my cot (leaving that second crossbar off! Impossible to get on after all), threw the lightweight sleeping bag liner on it and stripped off to my t-shirt and traded my boots for sandals. Relaxed, I grabbed a soda from the break room and plopped down in the orderly room with the two sergeants who were just packing up their gym bags to head home.

‘Sleeping here tonight, sir” SFC Hayes asked. I nodded and sipped my soda.

‘Well, you know the codes to the building right’ Just make sure if you go out, keep the place buttoned down.’ SFC Hayes and I had known each other for years, and before I had become an officer, he was my platoon sergeant. Again, I nodded and asked about the big screen TV they had in the room. I had brought my laptop with a few movies saved on it just so I’d have something non-work related to do after 1700. SFC Hayes explained how to hook it up and get the sound working, and with that, I walked both men out and waved them away. I usually tried not to appear so unprofessional in front of subordinates, but my t-shirt and flip flops were too tempting after the inventory. Now that they were gone, though, it was time to be the real me.

Not the professional, commissioned officer me. The me that was so uptight and professional, impatient at work and in society. The real me.

I stripped down even more, to some short workout shorts and wandered to the other office, converted to a little weight room. I spent the next hour grinding out a solid workout, all the while, during my rest intervals, scrolling through my favorite app: Grindr.

My chest was heaving, my arms, feeling like dead weight, and my cock was filling my shorts. Guy after guy hit me up on the app, new meat in town. My appearance helped too of course: close cropped hair, a tight compact body with several tattoos on the thighs and arms. Most of the guys hitting me up were of the twink variety: more slender and feminine than I usually prefer, and especially not what I was looking for tonight. I was in the city, away from home, and I knew exactly what I wanted: big black cock.

Eventually I got a message from a promising guy. These conversations always go pretty much off a script. If there is a quick connection, pictures are traded, and if those are hot, the real thing is not far behind. By the time my workout was done, we had gotten to that point: he would be coming to the armory within a half hour. My heart was in my throat in excitement and anxiety. I’ve been bold before; already been fucked in the barracks last summer, but this was different. There was no talking my way out of this. How would I explain my ‘friend’ as I’d call him, being at the armory alone with me, naked’ And it seemed pretty dubious that I’d have a friend like this anyways! A build black man, skin dark as coal, corn rows in this neighborhood, hours from where I live.

My heart pounded in my chest and I could feel the small faint flutter in my neck. ‘At least its dark out now, and none of the NCO’s who work here would be coming back so late having forgotten something’ I kept thinking. As nervous as I was, I was even more excited. The pictures had sealed the deal. He only sent me one: the Grindr trump card, the dick pic. It was even darker than he was, and a mouthwatering 9 inches of hard rigid meat. After seeing that, I was done. I would have sucked him off in a church pew if he wanted it. I just couldn’t refuse it.

His last message read ‘I’m on the street, parking’. I had left the front door propped open, and all that was left was to start the porn I had opened on my laptop and connected to the big screen. As soon as I hit play, I assumed my position in the middle of the room, on my knees and sitting back, wearing nothing but my short little workout shorts. The room filled with the sound of the video, a hot big titted blond girl getting to work sucking off a whole line of hung black men. Her moans and gasps and the slurping sounds she made didn’t drown out the sound of the front door opening and closing. I swallowed my anxiety and my heart was trying to leap out of my throat. The usual last second thoughts raced through my head: is this guy the real deal, or some creep’ Is he going to hurt me or rob me’ Is it a whole group of guys going to take everything that isn’t bolted down’ My hands were almost shaking as I gripped my thighs.

The door to the orderly room slowly opened, and in he stepped: His large frame filled the doorway, and even with a heavy jacket and baggy pants on, he looked built. His stern face opened into a sly smile when he saw me waiting for him on the floor.

Biting his lip, he introduced himself ‘Hey’I’m Marcus’you’re Eric”

I swallowed and grinned ‘Yes, sir, I am’.

Marcus took off his coat and hung it on a chair, and closed the door behind him and clicked the lock shut. He stepped towards me and grabbed at his pants.

‘Damn guy you couldn’t wait, could you”

‘No, I couldn’t, I’ve needed this so bad’ I was looking up at him, standing over me and I never felt so small. It felt perfect. Marcus kept pulling at his cock through his jeans, and I could begin to see it filling out in his shorts. Moaning as he squeezed, he stepped right up in front of me and smiled as he looked down.

‘You’re going to be a good guy to daddy aren’t you”

Before I could even answer with ‘Yes, sir’, Marcus slid his thumb in my mouth. I closed my lips around it and began to suck, but he pulled out and ran his hand over my head, grabbing the back of my neck approvingly. I nearly melted when he did that. I groaned in a surprise wave of lust and abandon, and it hit me. The overwhelming sensation when a normal, confident man becomes a submissive cock hungry slut.

Sensory overload.

The loud porno on TV, the scent of Marcus standing so close, his aromatic skin stroking my face and his thumb pushing into my wet mouth, the taste of his flesh, and the commanding presence of the tall built man peering down from over me, overpowering me physically, his voice overpowering any second thoughts, any dignity or self respect that was left when I had waited for this stranger on my knees.

It was tunnel vision, far more reaching than just my eye sight. Gone was the man that my coworkers and friends knew. My dignity and identity was forced out to make room for lust and absolute depravity.

I was no longer in control of my body or my thoughts. Marcus was.

He continued to pet my head and grab at my hair, occasionally dipping his thumb into my mouth which I would greedily suck on, moaning at the taste. My hands fidgeted on my thighs, waiting for Marcus to let me please him. He continued to play with his cock through his pants, and now he was fully hard. Even through the denim I could see how big he really was, and I was screaming inside my head for him to finally let me have it.

Marcus Jerked my hair back so that I was looking up at him. He gazed down at me, his smirk still on his face: ‘Who’s a good guy” I panted, ‘I am’ His hand slapped across my face, not hard, but stinging ‘Who’s a good guy’ he repeated.

‘I AM!’ I groaned back at him. The slap had surprised me, but if that’s what Marcus wanted to do, I’d happily take it. Anything to make him happy’

He slapped me again: ‘Say it!’ he commanded.

‘I AM, I’M A GOOD BOY!’ He grinned, I had caught on. With the hand he had slapped me with, he opened my mouth and shoved his fingers in. Just two at first, but he pushed them in deep. I was thrusting his fingers in and out, smiling down at me while my eyes watered, and staring back up at Marcus. My eyes were watering, and a few times I wanted to gag, but he would back out, bringing all the throaty saliva and spit with them. He kept muttering ‘good guy, good guy’ while he finger fucked my mouth, and I wanted so desperately to be his good guy. Being his good guy was the only thing in the world for me.

After what seemed like an eternity, Marcus began to undo his belt with his free hand. Undoing his pants, he snaked his hand into his boxers and with a quick tug, his cock sprang out. If Marcus’s fingers weren’t deep in my mouth, I would have gasped, but as it was, I could only moan in lust as I saw it for the first time. His cock, impossibly big and impossibly black, hung out of his boxers, the meaty weight of it slowly drooping it down, but nothing short of rock hard. His thick cock had sprung out to within a few inches of my face, and that close, his thickness and the shiny, cum-slick head glistened right at me.

‘Yea guy you want that don’t you”

I looked up at him, trying to speak through his fingers, still in my mouth, but failing that, only groaning again. My hands were in front of my pulling at his pants, grabbing onto anything, my fingers tingling and almost shaking with the impatience of lust, but I hadn’t been given permission to touch such an amazing cock as Marcus’s. I was pleading through my groans, spit starting to dribble down the corners of my mouth and past his fingers.

Marcus kept repeating dirty things to me, all true: ‘Yea, you fucking want it down you guy, you little slut! You can’t wait to suck daddy’s big dick, can you’ Do you like that fuckin meat’ You’re going to be choking on it and begging for more you little bitch’ I was nodding and groaning my answers through the big black fingers in my mouth

‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’

With his free hand, Marcus grabbed my hair tightly, and finally pulled his fingers from my mouth. He slapped my hard across my face, long strings of my drool and spit dangling from his fingers, my lips and my cheek. Before I could register the sting and pain of his slap, Marcus slipped his cock into my mouth. My mouth was overwhelmed, my jaw stretched to the limit by the big fleshy intruder. Only a few inches of him fit at first, and the surprise made me gag, exhaling spit through my nose and onto his cock. His fist tight on my head, Marcus held his cock in my mouth, forcing me to get used to it.

‘You fucking wanted it slut, you gonna get it!’

Slowly, I was able to begin to catch my breath and get comfortable, breathing through my nose, heavy pants to calm myself down and focus more on Marcus and his pleasure than on me and my pain. His pleasure was far more important than any discomfort or pain I could feel. My hands finally found themselves, and I quickly began to pull his pants farther down his muscular thighs. The cock started to slowly push in and out of my mouth. Marcus’s other hand was collecting the strings of drool from my face and slathering his cock with them, until the entire shaft was black and glistening.

‘Fuck yea guy, fuck yea’take it, that’s it, such a little slut aren’t you…AREN’T YOU’!’

I looked up at him at his raised voice, my eyes red from choking and moaned a yes around his intruding meat. Marcus asked the question again, and again I moaned on his cock. My head was jerked back and his cock popped out of my mouth, even more spit draped between me and it.

‘TELL ME YOU’RE A SLUT!’ He commanded, his voice much louder than the porn on TV.

I groaned at the command, loud and urgent: ‘I’m you’re slut! I’m you’re fucking cock sucking slut! Please daddy, give me your cock! I fucking need it! Please!’ I was begging; he had only told me to tell him I’m a slut, something indisputably true. But, once his warm, hot meaty cock was pulled from my mouth, I was desperate. I needed that fullness back in my mouth, in me, anywhere, as long as he was using me for his own personal satisfaction.

‘That’s right you fucking want it you little white bitch! You need this big black dick don’t you whore!’ I kept pleading, saying depraved degrading and horrible things about myself, about how I’m a little cum eating whore, a slut for any big cock that needs sucking, all the depraved and filthy things I would happily do for him without a second thought.

Finally, Marcus was satisfied with my level of devotion to him and his cock. He grabbed a tighter grip on my hair and thrust slapped his cock across my face, a heavy thud across my cheeks. As he beat me with his black meat, I was still pleading ‘Please! Yes daddy, yes!, leaving my mouth open and my tongue hanging out hoping for his taste. Marcus took a small step forward and now held my head steady with both hands.

His large hanging balls hung right in my face, his cock against my forehead. His musky masculine smell enveloped me, and with a steady forcefulness, started grinding his cock and his balls up against my face. I was overcome by the sensation of his large muscular thighs on either side of me, his thick vice-like hands holding onto my head and the weight and size of his cock and balls resting against my face. I was blind, my entire face covered by his flesh.

He started humping my face, grinding himself against me, and I left my mouth as wide open as I could, my tongue hanging out like a panting dog, which in fact I happily was. His heavy balls would slide into and out of my mouth, coated with all the saliva spit and drool I had left, coating him and slickening him as heavily as I could. Marcus was continuing to moan and call me his slut, encouraging my depravity. My chin, my lips, my cheeks and even my forehead were starting to shine and become slick with his pre-cum and my spit, marking me as his property, and if anybody had seen me, marking me as a filthy slut.

I continued to lick at and lather his flesh as urgently as I could, desperate for as much of him as I could get. I knew the big titted slut on the TV had done the same thing with her masters, doing the same filthy things that would shock and shame her parents and grandparents. I was doing the exact same thing, with as much devotion and wantonness as she had. We’re the same like that, knowing what a man like Marcus wants, and knowing exactly what do to for his pleasure. I had transformed myself, from the officer who was working so ardently during the day, to being like than to blond slut on TV, sucking so many cocks and eating so much cum. Except I was doing this because I had to. Not for the money, or for a video, but because I HAD to suck a cock the way she had, and get used and degraded by such a powerful man. And the fact that I was a grown man doing this to other men, that was an extra thrill.

Marcus continued to hammer his cock against my face, continued his verbal assault, and I continued to please him. Finally, his thrusts were shorter, quicker. He pulled my face away from him, and I caught only a glimpse of Marcus before his cock invaded my mouth once again. He was shining in sweat, and with his hand started painting my face with the accumulation of drool and slobber and pre-cum that by now was all over the place. He was fucking my mouth now, his pace quickening as his orgasm was nearing.

‘You want that cum down you slut! My fucking big load guy’yea daddy’s hot cum!’

I had to hold onto his thighs to keep myself steady as his cock fucked my face, banging against the back of my throat, my eyes watering. Suddenly his cock thickened even more, and I could feel him pulsing into my gaping wet mouth.

‘FUCK YEA SLUT, EAT THAT CUM, EAT THAT BLACK CUM!’ Marcus was bellowing, shouting at me, kneeling before him.

Powerful jets of cum shot out, and after two or three spurts, my moth was completely full of cock and cum. He kept pulsing and pulled his cock out of my mouth, shooting the rest onto my face and into my hair. My hands immediately went to his cock, helping coax all his cum out and onto my face and tongue. I was looking up at him, one eye stinging from cum, but looking straight at my daddy’s eyes, begging for his praise. Marcus was grunting and groaning, squeezing the last few drops of cum onto me. I was panting for it, groaning and moaning with my heavy breathing, unable to speak but begging for as much of his hot cum as I could get, never enough.

As soon as Marcus stopped cumming, I dove onto his cock, stroking and tonguing his shaft and head as desperately as I could, his thick meaty head mixing the mouthful of cum I already had. I started jerking back, too sensitive for my mouth, and pulled out. I opened my mouth to show him what a good guy I was for him, a mouth completely full of his cum. He smiled and gently slapped his cock across my face one last time.

‘You’re such a filthy slut’ he said, quiet now, conversational and no longer an animalistic god. I swallowed his hot load and leaned back against a desk, still on my knees. I rejoiced in the feeling of his hot cum plastered all over my face and the gentle burning in my eye. I was running my hands all over my body now, finally my turn for pleasure, after I had been a good whore for master. I fingered the ropes of cum on my face and licked them clean. As Marcus slowly got dressed I kept playing with his cum and started pulling at my cock, my hand underneath my shorts and using his cum as lube.

Marcus was ready to leave and I was still staring at him, reveling in the sensations he had given me, vaguely aware of the loud porno on TV. I would take my time in stroking my cock, and I’d aim it to shoot my own cum on my face, adding mine to Marcus’s. As Marcus was about to leave though, he came over to me. At first I thought he was going to kiss me, but he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me upright. With his big black hand, he squeezed my ass and slid two fingers up and down my crack, and for just a second, pressed hard right on my asshole. I groaned in a shocking pleasure.

‘I’m coming back tomorrow to fuck your slutty white ass, guy’

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