Erotic story A surprise from my neighbour

By Jacko Jomtien.

I had just showered after I had had dinner and was relaxing in front of TV in a pair of old boxer shorts, when there was a knock on the back door. I got up and walked to the back door and opened it to see my neighbour, Neil there in a pair of baggy short and singlet, carrying a six pack.

“Thought you might enjoy a cold beer.” He said with a wide smile.

“Come in mate. I was just watching a bit of TV. Where’s Lynn?” Lynn was Neil’s wife and they had only been married for about 6 months.

“She is at her sister’s for a week while she has her baby.”

Neil was an old school mate. We had grown up together, but were not really close friends. He lived at the other end of the street with his wife. He was quite handsome guy in a rugged way. Being 180 cm, he had a dark olive complexion and a very good build. Not a muscle man but a good swimmer type build. With long lean arms and legs. He had been blond as a kid, but now his hair was more light brown than blond. I remembered well from the days we were playing football together, that he was extremely well hung and that he used to turn me on in the showers. I remember I had to avoid looking at him and I knew I would get hard in no time. He liked to show off his man hood to the other players as he always took a long time to get dressed.

I put his beers into the fridge, bringing two into the lounge where I whipped the tops off the stubbies and we collapsed into a bean bag each.

“Ï was bored and horny at home so though I would come up and say hello to you, as I knew you would be by yourself.” As he said this, he spread his legs out wide, making it very easy to see that he had no underwear on. As his big uncut cock and one ball were in clear view through on leg of his shorts. I felt my own cock twinge at the sight.

“I see that weapon of yours has not shrunk since our footballs days.”

He smiled and pulled up the leg of his shorts so that his cock popped out.

“Ya and I am as horny as hell.”

“Why don’t you just jack off and relieve yourself?” I said as my cock was now getting very hard and very clear to see. I could also see that his cock was also lengthening out the leg of his shorts.

“How big is that thing?” I asked.

“Nine inches, or a little over that in fact.” He nodded at my boner tenting my boxers. “I see you are also a bit horny. How big are you?”

“Nowhere near as big as you. Only about 7 inches.”

“If I remember correctly, you are cut. Aren’t you?”

“Ya, and you aren’t.” I replied.

“No. I still have my foreskin.” He pulled on his long foreskin as he said it. Pulling his cock right out the leg of his shorts. As I remembered it was immense. “Give me a look at yours. I love cocks that have been cut.”

I thought why not, as I hoped this was going where I wanted it. I pulled my now fully hard cock out the leg of my boxers. Also my balls. They were all now on show.

“Wow! Great!” He said. “That’s a great looking cock.”

Neil’s cock was now fully hard also, standing straight up out of his shorts. His long foreskin was still covering his cock head and his balls were still hidden and I wanted to see them.

“Pull your balls out.” I ordered. After thinking, that was a bit forceful. Anyway it worked as he put his hand into his shorts and took hold of his balls and pulled then out with his cock. They were beautiful big low hangers in a smooth dark ball sack.

“Do you shave your balls as there is no hair on them?” I asked.

“No. I just don’t grow hair there. I don’t have much hair anywhere actually. Just on my legs and arms. I don’t have a sexy hairy chest like you.”

I smiled as I stared at his beautiful package, now all on display. He sipped on his beer and he slowly jacked his big cock. Knowing full well I was closely watching.

“Your balls are smooth also.”

“Ya, I shave them though. I hate hairy balls. They look nicer shaved and they hang lower too.” I pulled on my balls as I said it.

“Can I see close up?”

I got up onto my knees and crawled over to where he sat. He took hold of me balls and rolled them around.

“They feel great. So smooth. When last shave them?”

“About an hour ago, when I showered.” I told him.

He kept playing with them, then putting his thumb and forefinger around my ball sack and pulling on it as he tightened his grip. It hurt a little and made my cock jump, but it felt great.

“I think you like that.” He said with a smile. He let go and hooked his fingers into the waist band of my boxers and started to pull them down. My cock was sticking straight up and it made it a little difficult to get them down. But he eventually poked my cock back in and then pulled my boxers right down. I stood up and stepped out of them. Now standing in front of my friend completely naked. Ticks put his beer down on the floor and stood up. I pulled his singlet off over his head, to reveal his solid tanned smooth chest. He had good pecks and the lines of a six pack. His nipples were hard and standing out from his chest. His big cock now poked out from the leg of his shorts. I did undid the top button and zip of his shorts and slowly started to pull them down. I forced his cock down his leg as I lowered his shorts. Eventually his cock popped up and slapped onto his stomach. He stepped out of his shorts and we both stood there naked. I took hold of his big smooth balls in one hand and his monstrous cock in the other, at the same time Neil took hold of my cock, pulling me close and then we kissed, deep and hard.

He pushed me back onto the bean bag he had been sitting and followed me down. As we kissed further our cocks were rubbing together, grinding into each other.

We broke off our kissing and started to play with each other’s cocks again. I pulled his long foreskin all the way back to reveal his smooth pink cock head. It had a big drop of pre cum in his piss slit. I wiped it off with my finger and tasted it.

“You like that?” He asked.

“Ya, sure do, and I want more soon, but I want to try this first.”

I opened up his foreskin, pulling it out and spreading it wide with my fingers. His cock head was very large and so was his foreskin. As I did, I slipped my cock head into his warm foreskin. Slipping it in easily on all the pre cum there from his leaking cock and now mine was mixing with it. With our cocks, head to head, mixing our pre cum together, I pulled his foreskin nearly half way down my cock. I then started to slowly jack both our cocks. Head to head. It felt so hot, making love to his great cock. He took hold of my balls, again squeezing them tightly. He could see I enjoyed that and I took hold of his balls with my other hand doing the same. He started to kiss me again as we pumped our cocks back and forth.

After about five minutes I knew I would blow if I did not stop and I didn’t want him to cum yet. He pushed me off the bean bag and onto the carpet and crawled around me into a 69 position and he took hold of my cock and started running his tongue around my cock head. I peeled back his long foreskin to reveal his huge smooth cock head. I took his cock head into my mouth, tasting both our pre cum. It was so sweet. With his foreskin pulled right back, I slowly took him into my mouth as far as I could. I pushed his cock deeper and deeper into my throat until I could take him all the way to the base. Holding tight onto his big balls. It was hard, because it was so large. We then both started to pump each other mouths, both taking the other’s cock to the hilt. I felt him start to tense up and I knew he was close. So was I. I pull off him, just keeping his cock head in my mouth and worked on his cock with both hands as his cock got rigid and started to shoot wad after wad of thick white cum into my mouth. There was so much cum. No wonder he was horny. This was just so hot I also exploded. Unloading my cum into Neil’s mouth. He was still shooting after I had finished and my mouth was so full I was finding it hard to swallow. His thick cum was dripping out the side of my mouth, as I sucked the last few drops of cum out of his beautiful thick dick.

I sat up to look at him and he also had cum dripping out the side of his mouth. As he came up, I leaned forward to we kissed again. Savouring the taste of our combined loads as they mixed in our mouths.

“Fuck. That was just so good. I never have sex like that with Lynn.”

We lay there on the carpet, getting our breaths back. Then we both reached for our beers and washed down the last remaining remnants of each other’s cum. He then reached under my balls and found my arse and started to finger it.

“That is what I want next.” He smiled at me.

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