Erotic story: A Springtime Fantasy

By Brian Johnson.

The late news-weather said that we could have some interesting weather as there was some warm Gulf air loaded with moisture headed our way at the same time as some colder Canadian air was headed south. It would be interesting to see what happened id and when they met.

Before I go on, I should tell you something about myself. My name is Glen Taylor, I am 30 years old, and 6’2″ about 190 with brown hear and eyes. I own a successful business that allows me to live a good life. I have all of the “toys” that I want. I have not found the lady that I want to share my life with as of yet, but I am still looking.

Earl Jones, my neighbor is about my age and resembles me physically except that he has blond air and blue eyes. We both have memberships in the local Country Club, but he is a golfer and I play tennis. I have seen him around the pool and there is one thing that we both agree on; we both wear Speedo style swimsuits. I am not sure why he wears them, unless to show off is body; but I wear one because as a youth, my friends and I preferred to skinny-dip, and a Speedo is the smallest amount of clothing you can wear in public.

When my clock radio turned on, it was 7:00AM and the man talking on the radio said that if you hadn’t look outside you had better do so soon. The warm Gulf air met the cold Canadian air and as a result there was over 12 inches of snow on the ground. And we had better take a quick look as it was warming up and the snow would not be with us long.

I walked over to the door in my bedroom, and yes, everything was covered in snow. I had always liked making an angel in the snow and for some odd reason, I dropped my pj bottoms and stepped outside and lay in the snow and made a naked angel.

Some movement caught my eye and I looked over to see Earl standing outside of his home. He wasn’t wearing anything and he also lay down as if to make an angel. That gave me an idea and I got up and circled around my home to the front and then coming between our homes, I got as close to him as I dared and formed a snowball. As he was just standing up, I threw it at him, aiming at his chest. I did not have good aim and hit his dick. It caught him by surprise but he was able to get off a snowball just as I moved and he missed me.

Well this started a snowball fight, just as if we were kids. But both of us could not aim right so our snowballs kept missing so we moved closer to each other and did manage to connect with a few snowballs. But we got to with in a few feet of each other and by this time we were laughing and having a fun time. The next thing I knew he had lunged at me and we were rolling around in the snow, wrestling and laughing. Somehow we ended up getting twisted around and I found my nose buried in his pubes with his dick sticking in my face. I guessed that his nose must be in the same place. I could feel that my dick was semi-hard.

All of a sudden he stood up and extended his hand, I took it and he helped me up, but did not let go of my hand. He led me into his bedroom and pushed me onto his bed. He also got on his bed and I realized that we were once again in the same position that we had been in a few minutes before.

I felt him lick and suck on my balls and then my dick. I thought, “what the hell,” and I did the same to him. Soon we both had each other’s dicks in our mouths and were enjoying each other. I soon realized that I was about to cum, but before I could say anything to him, my mouth was full of his dick; I shot my load down his throat. He followed suit and soon I was swallowing his load.

We both laid there for a short time, when he got up and again extended his hand and again I took it. Without saying a word, he led me to the bathroom and the shower. The shower was large and had multiple showerheads. The warm waters felt good and we just stood letting the water run over our bodies.

He reached for some soap and began to wash my chest. Soon we were both washing each other. We finished, rinsed off and stepped out of the shower. He handed me a towel and took one himself and we began to dry ourselves. I realized, no we both realized at the same time that we had hard dicks starring at each other. Again he took my hand and led me back to the bed. He opened a drawer and removed a condom. He un-wrapped it and placed it on his cock. He pushed me on to my back. He then picked up my legs and placed them on his shoulders. He soon had his cock buried in me. It was painful at first, but once he reached my prostate I felt the pleasure and he fucked me.

It did not take long and he pushed his cock inside of me and left it there. I knew that he was cuming. When his cock was soft, he pulled out and disposed of the condom. He saw that my cock was still hard. He opened the drawer and took out another condom, un-wrapped it and handed it to me. He sat down next to me, laid back and pulled his knees up to his chest. There was no mistaking the invitation.

I put the condom on and with his legs resting on my shoulders, I pushed my cock into him and proceeded to fuck him as he had just done to me. When I pulled out and removed the condom, he stood and for the first time said something, “Come with me.” He walked back into the bathroom and turned on the shower, went in and waited for me to join him. Again we washed, but this time we washed ourselves. As we dried ourselves, he said, “After a snowball fight, I think we need a hearty breakfast, come with me.”

So two naked me walked into his kitchen. He said, “Make the coffee, I will do the eggs.” In a few minutes we sat down to eggs, hash browns, bacon, toast, oj and coffee. “This has been quite a morning’s activities.” “Yes it had” I replied. “I think we should do this more frequently” he said. “I agree with you’ I said. And a good friendship started with a naked snowball fight as the result of a freak spring snowfall.

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