Erotic Story: A Hunk and His Junk

By WetBareBear

My husband, who is a computer programmer, was getting ready to do a major upgrade over the long Labor Day Weekend. I knew I would not see him at all judging from past experiences, so I went and stayed the weekend at the local gay nudist park here in central Florida.

Got in on a Friday afternoon and went to the RV that I rented. Unfortunately, the lights would not work and we searched for hours looking for the breaker panel. The staff finally moved me to a larger RV down the road a bit.

I soon stripped down and went to enjoy a bit of sun and fun. I am a nudist and belong to a straight nudist resort near Tampa, so being nude is no big deal for me. It is the only way I will swim nowadays. The thought of putting clothes on to get in the water is incredibly stupid to me.

Had a great time visiting with old friends, sunning, reading. and just enjoying being away from home. One thing that is an issue for me is that I am from Iowa and want to go to sleep as soon as it gets dark and get up at first light. Seems to conflict with most of my friends’ schedules. I always tell people that I go to bed with the pigs and get up with the chickens.

Early morning is my favorite time of the day. I am lucky as I am as awake as I will ever be as soon as I get up. I enjoy reading the morning paper (I have the electronic edition of the Tampa Bay Times) on my laptop and enjoying watching nature and the other campers wake up.

I was sitting outside by the rec hall reading the paper and having some pop (not a coffee drinker, but love my diet Pepsi first thing.) I went into the rec hall for a refill and sat down to read a couple of the local gay magazines. I was so engrossed in reading that I didn’t see someone come up to the rec hall until they opened the door.

I glanced up and saw one of the most attractive men I have ever seen enter. He was about 6′ 3″, 200 lbs. He had brownish hair down to his ears, a styled short beard with a tiny bit of red in it, and wire rim glasses (God, I think glasses are sexy on a man). He did not have much chest hair, but had nice furry armpits, a full bush and hairy legs and ass. He was somewhat muscular in build with wide shoulders and a narrow waist. He was very nice equipped in the dick department with about 6 inches of thick uncut cock with just a hint of cock head showing through his ample foreskin. His ball were nice and big and his cock sort of sat over them, which pushed his cock out and up.

He had a deep voice and an affable speaking style. He said, “Good Morning”, and proceeded to make some coffee in the community coffee pot. While the coffee was brewing, he came over to shoot the shit with me. I introduced myself and he told me his name was Paul. He and a friend were here for the first time. I asked him if they were having a good time and he said he was and this was his first nudist experience. I have to tell you that I was plenty distracted with that meaty cock of his within a foot of my mouth as I sat. As we were talking, I noticed that his cock was a bit longer and thicker and more of his cock head started to show as his foreskin retracted a bit.

We continued to chat while the coffee was brewing. When It beeped, he excused himself and got a couple of cups. I figured he would be leaving, but instead, he walked back over carrying his coffee cups and resumed chatting with me again with his cock a foot from my face.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when he told me that he thought I was a handsome bear. He said he had a fondness for bears. He asked me what I enjoyed doing so I told him that I really enjoy sucking off a hot man like him and washing his cum load down with some piss. He told me he would be happy to accommodate me, I told him I would enjoy that and asked him when. He said, “How about right here, right now?”

I noticed that his cock was sticking straight out at a full 8.5 inches with the foreskin just covering a small part of his cock head. He said he did not have a lot of time right now but thought that he could make it happen in short order. He leaned in a bit closer to me still holding the two cups of coffee and I swallowed that uncut cock of his right to the balls. I have always been proud of my deep throating ability and apparently he was happy with it as well. He had a fresh, clean smell and taste like he had just showered.

I continued to suck him for a couple of minutes. He was pouring out the most delicious precum which turned me on even more. After about 3 minutes, he said, “Sorry that this had to be a quickie but here is some cum for you”. His cock got rock hard, he shot out some more precum and then unloaded a nice load of sweet-tasting cum directly down my throat in about 5 or 6 blasts. I could feel the underside of his piss tube pulsing as he unloaded. He did not particularly make any noise as he came – just filled my mouth full of cum as he held the two cups of coffee. I greedily swallowed it all down.

As soon as he finished coming, he said, “I think I have some piss to wash it down with.” It did not take but about 10 seconds and he was flushing out his pipes with a nice, tasty load of piss. I figured since it was early morning, it would be strong tasting, but it was had a nice neutral flavor. Fortunately, I can drink a large quantity of piss and he pissed for 30 seconds or so.

I felt those familiar last few squirts and felt him making sure that I got it all. He told me that no one had ever drank his piss down like that and how much he liked my warm mouth on his pissing cock. He then stepped back and his cock came out of my mouth with an audible “pop”.

He thanked me for the wake-up and I did the same. He hoped that he would see me around the park again for a repeat performance where we could take some time and not be in a rush. I told him I would like that. Unfortunately, the sky opened up a few hours later and everyone would up spending the afternoon and evening in their RV’s out of the rain.

We were not able to get together again that day, but I always have my eye out for him when I come back for the day or a weekend.

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