Erotic fiction: Being Neighborly

By Christian, who also produces art here

When the moving van pulled into the drive way across from my house, I went outside, turned on the garden hose and pretended to water the hedges. In the reflective glass of the window, I watched as the driver of the van got out, opened the back door and began to take small boxes out and into the house. When he came out for the third load, I turned off the hose and made my way across the street. I timed my arrival with his exit from the house. I smiled, he smiled back. I extended my hand and he clasped it. Firm handshake, I liked that.

Erotic fiction: Being Neighborly

“I’m Blake,” I said. “I live across the way.”

“Mark,” He said, his voice like warm caramel. “You have a great yard.”

We stood for a long while, making small talk about my various plants. I watched the way his brown eyes moved over my yard…kind of like how my own blue eyes moved over his broad, compact body. He was wearing a tank top that barely covered anything and a pair of jeans that left nothing to the imagination. Mark Lambert was all the things in a man that made my cock hard – broad, built and beautifully black. He shaved his head but had a light dusting of hair on his chest and he wore a neat and trimmed goatee. When he smiled, his whole face lit up and so did mine when I noticed he didn’t have a wedding ring.

“Would you like some help with moving some of these things in?”

“Oh, no, I got it,” Mark shook his head. “I couldn’t impose on you like that. We just met and I want my new neighbor to like me.”

Oh, I liked him, all right. I just wanted to like him a little more.

“It’s no trouble.” I told him. “Here, let me give you a hand and when we’re finished, I can bring you over for a beer.”

I didn’t give him a chance to say no. I picked up one of the boxes off the back of the truck and headed for his open front door. Inside, I saw only stacks of boxes and an easy chair. No dishes, nothing girly, just books, things marked “office” and one marked “clothes”. I put the box down and went out the door to get another, passing Mark in the process.

Soon, the majority of the boxes had been brought into the house and I silently patted myself on the back for a job well done. I’d managed to show that, not only was I a good neighbor, but I was pretty handy to have around. That would work in my favor, I was sure. It was on my last trip inside that I saw that Mark had settled into the easy chair and was taking a break. I put down the box I’d taken inside and went over to swat him on the propped up foot.

“There’s still a lot of work to be done.” I prompted, swatting his foot again. “Come on, lazy bones.”

“You’re not fooling me, Blake.”

“What do you mean? Fooling you, how?”

Mark’s hand settled on the front of his jeans and his thick fingers began to rub the length of his fly. Soon, what was under the fabric started to respond and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, regardless of how I tried.

“I didn’t see a wedding ring,” Mark said. “And I caught you staring at my ass more than once. You’re a cocksucker, aren’t you, Blake?”

I thought about denying it, playing the straight card until I was more sure this wasn’t a trap. I would have done just that if Mark hadn’t taken the tab of his zipper and slid it down, worked his hand into his jeans and fished out his cock. It was a hooded python, half dozing on his jeaned crotch and goddamn, if it wasn’t the prettiest piece of meat I’d seen in six months. I couldn’t tear my eyes off of it as he started working its length with his fingers. I watched it rise from the open hole of his pants and my mouth watered at the sight of it. He dipped his fingers into its thick foreskin and drew out a sticky wad of pre-cum. I looked at his glistening fingers and my mouth came open a bit.

“Taste it, cocksucker.” Mark said in a low growl. “Taste that black cock juice.”

I looked into Mark’s warm face. He was smiling at me, his brown eyes the same as they had been in the driveway, no hint of malice or disgust. He nodded and brought his fingers up a big higher.

“It’s okay…it’s just us guys.”

Damn if I didn’t sink to my knees and let him feed his hot pre-cum to me. He tasted strong and masculine, warm and salty and like something I needed more of. Mark eased back in the chair and his hands worked his jeans loose. He pushed them down on his body and I helped him get them passed his knees. Together, we worked his shoes and socks off and the scent of his sweaty feet was intoxicating. I don’t get into feet much but being so close to these and being so into this hot man, I felt a twitch in my own pants as he let his foot linger near my face.

“Want to?” He asked, his foot finding a spot on my chest. “Taste them, too?”

I let him put his foot to my mouth and I opened for his big toe. I sucked on it, tasting sweat and liking it just as much as I did his cock-juice. I bathed the bottom of his foot with my tongue, then the top, then between his toes until he was moaning slightly. He changed feet and I did the same for the other one. It was really having an effect on us both and by the time I’d cleaned him good and proper, I was straining the front of my jeans.

“You’re into some freaky shit, huh, Blake?” He asked, leaning forward and taking off his shirt. “What about pits, white guy? You like putting your face in some sweaty man-pits?”

Without waiting for me to answer, he leaned forward and capped my face with his right armpit, forcing me to breathe in his heady scent. I grabbed hold of his torso and started to suck on the ripe flesh and damp hair I found there. He held the back of my head for a long while, rubbing my face against him until my face was smeared with his scent. When I’d thoroughly cleaned his sweaty armpit, he leaned back and looked at me. Still smiling, he lifted my shirt up and pulled it over my head, adding it to the growing pile of clothes. His fingers worked my nipples, bringing them to attention. Mark seemed to like how I responded to his hands on me.

“You want that cock, don’t you, Blake?” He asked. “That’s why you were so helpful, wasn’t it? It didn’t have jack to do with helping me, you just wanted to help yourself to some dark meat cock.”

I looked down at that very thing, his cock waving back and forth from his crotch like a cobra, hooded and drooling its clear, sweet venom. Mark took it by the base and leaned forward, bringing it to my lips. He tapped my bottom lip with his cock, stringing his pre-cum all over my chin and cheek. I opened my mouth, hoping he’d fill it but he told me to put out my tongue and when I complied, he kept teasing me. I could taste him but couldn’t get it all.

“Ask me if you can suck my dick, Blake.” Mike said, still smiling and smacking my face. “Ask nicely, white guy and I might let you taste it good and long.”

“Jesus, Mark, let me have that fucking cock.”

I needed that meat. As he leaned back in the chair, I was sure he was going to keep teasing me. I was surprised when he hooked each of his muscled legs over my shoulders and leaned forward enough to feed me the head of his prick. FINALLY, I thought as I slid the spongy helmet into my mouth and capped it with my lips, my tongue diving into that foreskin to find the warm salty cum he’d teased me with. I also tasted the tartness of his foreskin and sucked it harder. I tried to take hold of his cock base to begin my blowjob but Mark batted my hands away from him.

“That’s not how this is going to go, Blake.” He chuckled. “See, right now, you’re my bitch. I’m going to feed you this dick and you’re going to take it how I give it, bitch.”

Damn, but I was horned UP by the way he was talking to me. I let him push my head back and let him give me his hard, black cock inch by inch. I took it all until his dark pubic curls scraped my chin and he stroked the side of my face in appreciation. When he knew I was used to his full length and girth, Mark began to work his hips back and forth in a slow, steady motion. I sucked hard when he pulled out, the reward being his warm and copious pre-cum bathing my tongue. When he eased back into me, I made sure his underside was greeted with my flattened tongue and a gentle tug to his low-hanging balls. I was an excellent cocksucker and knew what I was doing. Soon, his tempo had started to increase and I allowed him complete access to my mouth.

“You like that, huh, Blake? You like that big black dick in your throat?”

I moaned around the mouthful of prick and he smiled down at me. His cock was buried in my throat, his balls pressed against my chin and his hands were working through my hair. My hands roamed his hard, muscled legs, still hooked over my shoulders and locked at the ankles. Mark started to increase his tempo and I had to adjust my jaw to keep up with him. Soon, he was face-fucking me at a steady pace and I was more than keeping up. His spongy head scraped the back of my throat and I relaxed to take him all the way. Soft moans and snippets of encouragement came from him as he took hold of my head and began to go faster.

“Oh, yeah, white guy!” He said in a low growl. “Big daddy Mark’s about to give you what you really want! You keep sucking that cock, guy. You’re about to get fed good! You want that cum, don’t you, Blake? Want that big black dick juice?”

I gripped his legs, unable to answer. He held tight to my head and his hips began to buck up and back in a rhythm I knew all too well. I felt his balls tighten as they slapped against my chin and I knew he was getting closer. The thick veins that crisscrossed his dick pulsed along my tongue and I felt his helmeted head expand at the back of my throat each time he filled it. The small river of pre-cum he had been feeding me began to get thicker and I knew he was on the edge.

“Oh, FUCK, yeah, cocksucker!”

Mark held my head with both hands, then. Rearing up in the chair, he pulled his cock back until only half his full length was inside my mouth. I slid my tongue into the hot foreskin and swirled it around his sensitive head, hoping that would be the trigger.

“GODDDAMN!” He roared. “Goddamn, fucking white guy cocksucker making me CUM!”

The tongue trick worked! His prick exploded in three rapid-fire successions of hot cum! The first hit the back of my throat with ease! The second hit the roof of my mouth and the third coated my tongue. He pumped the fourth deep into my throat and the fifth was sprayed all over my lips and chin. I leaned forward, my mouth open, not wanting to miss a drop. I actually whimpered when he held my forehead and wiped his dick onto my cheek. He smiled down at me and cleaned himself off on my face.

“Damn!” Mark said. “You are one HUNGRY cocksucker.”

This nude black god stood, then. I was assaulted by the sweat from his pits, the smell of spit and semen from his crotch and the sweet-stink of his feet and my cock was throbbing in my jeans from the agony of it all. Looking down at me, Mark gave me a warm smile and caressed the side of my cheek. I looked up at him and managed a tortured smile of my own.

“Don’t you dare touch that prick of yours, Blake.” He said. “I’m going to go upstairs and shower. You go home and do the same, break out those beers and wait for me. Make sure you get that asshole good and clean. I’m going to want to taste it before I fuck it”

When I’d stood and gone to the door, Mark stopped me by calling my name. When I turned around, I was treated to his full-on nudity again and that dazzling smile.

“It was nice to meet you, neighbor.”

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