Erotic Fiction: Blackmailed by a frat guy, part 4

By Stuart James Sharp– Read part one here, part two hereand part three here.

I was on my knees. Naked. In Evan’s fraternity room. Evan himself towered over me, his thick cock a couple feet from my lips. Just a moment ago, he had commanded me to get on my hands and knees.

To be honest, I had been so content sucking his amazing cock that I hadn’t even thought about the idea of him fucking me. I assumed he wouldn’t even get into that kind of thing. But now… well… some force within me acted and I was on all fours, my breathing quickening.

Erotic Fiction: Blackmailed by a frat guy, part 4

“Nervous?” Evan asked.

I looked over my shoulder as he knelt down behind my ass. He grabbed his cock in his hand and rubbed it on my crack. I shivered.

“I thought you said you could handle me.”

“I can,” I replied.

Evan smacked his cock on my ass. “We’ll see.”

Evan went to his drawer and pulled out some lube. Ontop of the dresser was his camcorder, the red light blinking as the lens trained on me, submitting my naked body to Evan.

He drizzled some lube on his dick and jerked off to spread it. Then slapped his dick on my ass again. I felt the sticky lube. My cock had never been so hard.

“Ready, faggot?” Evan whispered in my ear as he placed his cock head right on my hole.

“Yea- oh, FUCK!” I exclaimed as Evan thrust deep inside me. “Fuck! Fuck… jesus…”

“Doesn’t look like you’re taking it very well.”

“I didn’t think you would-”

“Shove the whole thing in at once?” Evan smiled. “Just breathe, dude.”

I did as he said and started to breathe. I felt his huge cock inside me and the pain gradually faded as I just accepted it. Then to my shock, Evan reached his hand around and grabbed my dick.

Electricity sparked through my entire nervous system. Evan slowly stroked my cock up and down. Holy fuck, I did not expect Evan to ever touch me let alone try to make me feel good. His hands felt rough and calloused, and they gripped my dick firmly.

“There you go,” Evan said as he eased his cock out a few inches and then rammed it back in. I yelled out again, but the pain subsided quickly.

“That feels… good.”

“What does – my cock or yours?” Evan asked.

“…Both.” Evan took this as a sign he could go ahead and ramp things up, apparently. he started slower, then sped up as he thrust in and out of my ass.

“Fuck…” I moaned. I’d never taken a cock this big before. But it was feeling fucking great. I looked back over my shoulder at Evan’s ripped body – his tensed arms and pecs and his six-pac abs… as he grabbed my hips and rammed his cock in and out.

“You like my cock?”

“Fuck yeah, I love your cock.”

“Good. Because now I’m going to push you and see what you can take. Feel free to say stop at any point if it gets too rough, though. If you can’t handle it, I mean.”

“Sounds good.”

“Then again, if you can’t handle it, I don’t know how much fun it will be to keep you around.”

“No – no, I can handle it.”

“Good.” Evan rubbed his hands up and down my back and took a breath.

Then – insanity. With the fervor of someone playing a professional sport, Evan railed me into the ground. My hands gave out and my face was on the floor, ass in the air, as Evan pummeled me like a jack rabbit.

“Oh fuck, yeah!” I shouted. It was incredible. I felt like I was having an orgasm – in fact, a long string of precum dripped from my cock onto the carpet.

“That’s right, take that cock, faggot.”

“Yeah, oh, oh, Evan… oh my god…” I moaned with each thrust. At some point, I remembered the camera. I twisted my head and saw that blinking red light. Realizing this whole thing was going to be saved… forever… Evan giving me the royal treatment, pounding me into submission… while I moaned like a pathetic piece of shit… it was both horrifying and wildly arousing.

Then a warm feeling started to spread. It started at the base of my cock and rippled through my ass, before sending a warm chill up my spine and ending in my mouth with breathy moan. “I’m gonna cum…” I murmured.

Evan pulled out of my ass and threw me onto my back. I started shooting. The orgasm took full hold and I stared Evan in the face and took in his perfectly guyish body. The first spurt of cum hit me in the face… and Evan laughed.

“Fuckin’ not bad, dude.” I continued cumming while he smiled at me. My chest and stomach was covered in cum. “But this is how a real man cums.”

Evan straddled me and jerked off the huge cock overtop my face. Not knowing what else to do, I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. A moment later, Evan tensed and moaned a big “Ohh…” as he rope after rope of warm cum rocketed out of his cock and all over my face and in my mouth. I tasted the spoonfuls of warm guy cum and graciously swallowed them down while Evan’s cum continued to spray on my neck and chin. I was fucking drenched.

Before he got off me, he slapped me in the face with his cock. “Was this the best night of your life?”

I looked up into those stunning brown eyes… the eyes of a guy who I was so entranced with that I would be at his beck and call to suck his dick or be his fuck toy with a mere text.

“Well? Have you ever had better sex?” He asked.

“No, definitely not. That was… holy fuck, dude. Please… if you ever want to do that again -”

“I’ll let you know if I want to fuck you again.”

“Can I… do you have some paper towels?” I asked as I looked over my cum-covered body.

Evan threw me my own underwear. “Use these.”

I wiped the cum off best I could, but now my underwear was drenched in cum. This was going to be an awkward walk home. Not to mention how sore my ass was… I hope I would even be able to walk straight.

As I put on my pants, I thought I heard a creak outside the door. I dismissed it as probably nothing.

But it wasn’t nothing. In fact, Spencer – Evan’s frat brother who I’d watched the football game with just twenty minutes ago – had been standing outside. And Spencer, quite frankly, had been shocked by what he heard. Who would have thought that Evan Bennett was the type of guy to fuck other dudes? And apparently… go pretty hard. But now the question for Spencer, who by the way was straight as an arrow, was what to do with this juicy information…

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    This story made me cum so hard it was fucking amazing, would love to be covered in Evans cum and suck his delicious big cock

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