Erotic Fiction: Blackmailed by a frat guy, part 3

By Stuart James Sharp– Read part one hereand part two here.

Another week went by without a word from Evan. The piece of shit had now filmed me sucking his frat guy cock twice – once in competition with another freshman cocksucker – and had even leaked an image online of my face dripping with his cum, lips around his massive cock.

Erotic Fiction: Blackmailed by a frat guy, part 3

The weirdest part was that I found myself logging onto my Tumblr account to look at that photo multiple times a day. Looking at it helped me remember that incredible moment in Evan’s room. I secretly wished he would call on me every night to get back on my knees and service his cock. But I guess… he didn’t want that. Or maybe he had other cocksuckers he liked more. Whatever the reason, I found myself craving it. Day and night I thought about nothing but his perfect sexy body. His perfect cock. Fuck, film me all you want – I just wanted to suck it!

I probably masturbated 15 times that week. Always looking at that picture. I started sending Evan vague texts asking what was up and if he wanted to hang out. No response. Nothing.

But my lust grew stronger. Sitting in lecture, I couldn’t focus on my professor. Instead, I constantly readjusted myself in my seat so that nobody would notice the huge boner I’d sprung.

At one point, I finally broke down and texted him – “look… i really want to suck your cock. can i please come over?” A day went by. No response. So then I sent, “can you at least send me the video you took?”

Within ten seconds I got a text back from Evan – “lol.” That’s it? Just “lol?” What the fuck was that supposed to mean? This wasn’t funny – I was dying over here. Then, another text – “just posted the video. happy jacking, faggot.”

Immediately I scrambled for my computer. I looked around Tumblr thinking it must be there, but couldn’t find it. I texted him back – “where? can you send me a link?”

And he did. He had posted it on Xtube. While my facial pic had grown to 156 likes, this video was brand new, so it understandably had only a couple views. But when I hit play I immediately became rock hard. There I was, down on my knees. It was interesting to see it from Evan’s perspective. I looked so pathetic choking down on his cock as he laughed at me.

I reached down, unbuckled my jeans, and pulled out my hard 7″ cock. I started stroking it up and down, watching the video. I heard Evan’s voice – “Fuck yeah, suck my big fuckin’ cock, bro!”

And then as Evan pulled out and came on my face, I shot my own load all over my chest and stomach. “Fuck…” I moaned softly, wishing Evan’s hot load was on me now. When I was finished, I let out a deep, satisfied sigh. Then my phone vibrated. Another text from Evan – “did you cum yet? lol” What a self-satisfied fuck. Then – “come over tonight. we’re watching the game. bring beer.”

A giant smile crossed my face and I became as giddy as a teenage girl.


That night, I showed up to the frat house with another six-pack of Heineken. I walked in the wide-open door to find one frat guy running around holding a beer while another chased after him.

“Dude, give me my fuckin’ beer you fag!” the second one yelled as the first laughed hysterically, jumped on the couch, and held the beer high over his head. “You’re getting it all shaken up, dude – it’s good beer!”

The first frat guy just couldn’t stop laughing. Still holding the bottle high over his head, he shook it. “Come get it!”

“What the fuck!” The second frat guy grabbed the shorts of the first and yanked them down. Much to everyone’s surprise, he accidentally grabbed his boxers too, revealing a soft but very well hung cock.

“Dude, what the fuck?” yelled the first frat guy as he tumbled over his own shorts onto the ground.

Then it was the second frat guy’s turn to laugh as the first scrambled to pull his shorts back up. Meanwhile, I had completely forgotten I was standing there, staring. First of all, how come it seems like every frat guy has a delicious-looking cock. Second of all, why didn’t I join a frat again?

I snuck away and up to Evan’s room while the two frat guys got into a bit of horseplay. I could’ve watched them wrestle for hours, but the knowledge that Evan awaited me upstairs had already caused my cock to stir.

I made my way to his room and knocked on the door. A muffled “Come in” came from inside. When I pushed open the door, I noticed the room was filled with smoke and reeked of beer and pizza.

Evan sat shirtless on his couch taking a hit from a bong while some other (also shirtless) frat dude chowed on some pepperoni pie.

“Hey. What’s going on,” I said.

The other frat guy offered a grease-covered hand. “What up, dude. I’m Spencer.”

“Stuart. Want a beer?”

“Heineken?” said Spencer. “What, are you a fag?” An awkward silence as I tried to laugh. “Just kidding, bro. Yeah I’ll take one.”

I sat on the couch next to Evan, who still had not acknowledged my existence. “What’s up, Evan?”

“Shut up a second… oh shit!” Evan shouted. Something exciting was happening in the football game on TV. I couldn’t tell heads or tails. “Go… go… go! Fuck yeah!”

Evan and Spencer jumped up and yelled loud cheers. They gave a massive double high-five, then each turned to give me high-fives, too.

“Fuck yeah!” I chimed in, totally faking it. Spencer slapped me on the back.

Was it me, or was it getting hot in here? “Yo, can I grab a slice?”

“For sure, dude,” said Spencer. Wondering whether it was an awkward move, I slipped off my shirt before grabbing a slice. I noticed Evan eye my body and give me a small glare. Did I do something wrong? He and Spencer were both shirtless…

“Anyway, I was in the middle of telling you about Olivia,” Spencer said through a mouthful of pizza. “So I’m fucking her, right, and like… going fucking hard. Straight up slamming her with my dick. She’s digging her nails into my arms and moaning my name. Then when I tell her I’m gonna come she’s like `No!'”

“She said, no?” Evan asked incredulous.

“That’s what I said! I was like `Why not?’ And she was like `I don’t want this to end!’ Can you fuckin’ believe that?”

“Damn,” Evan said. “That girl was craving your nuts.”

“So what’d you do?” I asked.

Spencer turned to me and smirked. “I fucked her for a few more minutes, then pulled out and shot my load on her tits and in her mouth.”

Oh fuck. I had a full-on boner, now. I shifted in my seat to hide it.

“I’m gonna take a piss. Be right back,” Spencer said and left the room.

As soon as the door shut, Evan grabbed my face. “The fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“Ow! What the fuck?”

“Did I say you could take off your shirt or talk to my bro?”

“You invited me over.”

“Yeah, I invited you over to suck my fucking cock. Not to socialize with my homeguy. The more you talk the more he’s gonna figure out who you are. I can’t have my bros know I’ve got some faggot sucking me off, okay? Have some discretion. Jesus.”

I took a second to look over Evan’s sculpted body… was it me or were his shorts sagging unusually low? And he was wearing some tight white boxer briefs. He had such an incredible V above the waistband…

“Sorry,” I said, mesmerized.

“Now put your shirt back on and get rid of that boner,” Evan commanded.

My gaze was trained on his shorts. They were athletic shorts, and the way the fabric draped over his crotch…

“Did you hear me?”

“Sorry.” I shook myself out of my trance. “I was just…”

“Staring at my cock. I know.” Evan’s anger turned to amusement. “How many times did you jack off this week thinking about me?”

“A lot,” I admitted.

Evan pulled down his shorts and underwear and flashed his giant cock for just a couple seconds. “Would you pay to have that cock again?”


“How much would you pay to suck my cock?”

“Uh… I don’t think I…”

Just then Spencer returned from the bathroom. “What’d I miss?”

“Nothin’ dude. Our offense is playing like shit.”

I slipped my shirt back on and sat on the couch for the rest of the game in silence.


About an hour later, the game ended and Spencer bid us farewell. When he closed the door, my heart beat with exhilaration. Finally, we were alone.

There was a moment of silence… then Evan leaned back on the couch and folded his arms behind his head.

I assumed this was an invitation. I slid off the couch and knelt between his legs. Wordlessly, I slipped his shorts down to his ankles, revealing an epic bulge in his white boxer briefs. Then –

“Dude, I’m tired.”

I stopped. “What do you mean?”

“I’m fuckin’ tired, bro. Game wore me out. I’ll see you later.”

“But I haven’t sucked you off, yet,” I said. God I sounded pathetic.

“I said see you later, man. Get the fuck out.”

I grabbed his shorts and boxer briefs, yanked them down, and dove on his cock. As soon as his cock head was in my mouth, it was bliss. I took the whole thing in and circled my tongue around…

Then he pulled me off. “How much?”

A long silence. He really wanted money? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

“I… but I’m sucking your cock,” I said.

“Exactly. Something you love to do. And right now, I’m tired and want to fucking sleep. So how much?”

I fumbled for my wallet in my pocket. But when I opened it, there was no money inside. “I don’t have any money.”

Evan grabbed me and pulled me to my feet. He walked me to the door. “See you later.”

“Wait – no I’ll… I can owe you.”

“Sorry, bro.”

“Wait, let go of me!” I wrenched free from his grasp. “What do I have to fucking do?”

Evan considered. Then grinned his signature cocky smirk. “Beg for it.”

I took a deep breath and dropped to my knees. “Please, Evan. Pretty please with a cherry on top. Let me suck your cock.”

“Lame. Get out, faggot.” Evan went to grab me, and I batted his hand away.

“No! Please… I… I’ve thought about nothing but your fucking sexy body and your fucking amazing cock all week since the last time I sucked you off. If I could suck you off every day I would. You have a fucking perfect cock and I love getting showered in your cum. All I want is to make you feel good and let you fuck my throat however you want. Please, Evan, please let me suck your amazing, incredible, long, fucking… perfect cock!” By the end, I was short of breath, gasping for air. Evan stood over me, a hulking figure.

Then, he said two words – “Strip naked.”

I threw off all my clothes as fast as I could while he locked the door. He eyed my naked body. My cock was already hard.

“You should work out more, bro,” he said. He slipped off his shorts and boxer briefs. Now we were both naked. To my surprise, his cock was fully hard. Apparently my speech did something for him. “It sounds like you want this cock pretty bad.”

“I do…” I muttered.

Evan went into his drawer and pulled out a small camcorder. He set it up on top of a dresser pointed at me and hit record.

“Look at the camera and say your name.”

I looked into the blinking red light. The lens looked back at my naked body. “Stuart.”

“No. Introduce yourself. To all the viewers at home.”

“H-hi… I’m Stuart.”

“Stuart what?”

“Stuart Sharp.”

“What do you want more than anything in the whole world right now Stuart Sharp?” Evan asked mockingly as he edged closer… closer… until his hard cock was right above my face.

“To suck your cock,” I replied.

“I don’t think that’s true, Stuart Sharp.”

“No – it is…” I didn’t understand what the fuck he was trying to do.

“I think what you want even more than that… is for me… to fuck you.”

I almost came on the spot. My cock twitched and I let out a little gasp. Evan laughed. “How did I know? Well? Am I right?”

“Er… well,” I stuttered.

“Do you want my cock inside you or don’t you?”


“Do you want to feel my big, hard cock plowing in and out of your little hole?”


Evan grabbed his shaft and slowly stroked it. His muscles tensed as he did. God. Damn. He looked incredible. He smirked at the look of pure amazement on my face. “You sure you can handle me?”

“Y-yes,” I said. My cock had never been this hard in my entire life. I unconsciously started stroking it.

“Good. Then get on your hands and knees. And get ready to be fucked harder than you ever have before.”

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