Erotic Fiction: Blackmailed by a frat guy, part 2

By Stuart James SharpRead part one here

For the next six days in a row, I thought of nothing but Evan’s cock while I jacked off. I couldn’t get it out of my head. It must’ve been 8.5 inches long, thick, and looked just perfect from my vantage point down on my knees looking up at his chiseled frat guy body. And his warm cum… fucking buckets of it all over my face and in my hair and in my mouth. I found myself compulsively checking my phone to see if I had missed a call or a text from him.

Erotic Fiction: Blackmailed by a frat guy, part 2

Nothing for six days. So I contented myself with my memories and my gay porn Tumblr feed. I found myself particularly drawn to images and videos of guys getting jizzed on. I would come across one and immediately get hard.

Then, on the seventh day… Evan texted me.

*come over tonight. 10pm. bring beer.*

My heart fluttered and my cock twitched as soon as I felt the vibration from my phone. Finally. Finally! I’d get to suck his incredible cock again.

I showed up to his frat house with a six-pack of Heineken that I got my over-21 friend to buy for me. Evan let me into the house wearing just a pair of athletic shorts sagging a few inches below some baggy white and red striped boxers.

“What’s up, bro?” he said and snatched the beer away. Then he led me past some other shirtless frat bros playing ping pong and watching TV up toward his room.

“So what’ve you been up to this week?” I asked innocently. Nervously. I followed behind him watching his ass in those athletic shorts. His muscled legs. He ignored my question – or maybe he just didn’t hear me. Then unlocked the door to his room and pushed me inside.

Someone was already there. A slim guy with a baggy shirt, skinny jeans and a backwards baseball cap. He had a young-looking, cute face with a guyish glimmer in his eyes. When he saw me, there was some trace of recognition in his eyes… they lit up in an unexplainable way…

“Stuart, this is Peter. Peter – Stuart,” Evan said, shoving me toward the skinny guy. He rose from his seat on Evan’s bed to shake my hand. “Peter, I take it you recognize Stuart.”

Peter nodded, his cheeks turning red. Then Evan turned his attention to me. “Stuart, now let me get you acquainted with Peter.” Evan whipped out his cell phone and started a video.

It was of Peter, backwards baseball cap still on, sucking Evan’s giant, hard cock. Evan held the back of Peter’s hat and shoved Peter’s head down on his cock. “Fuck yeah,” came Evan’s voice from the iPhone speaker. “Suck that cock. There you go. Take it, bitch.” Peter started gagging. Evan laughed. “Yeah, you like gagging on my fucking cock?” Evan pumped in and out of Peter’s mouth a bit until pulling out and jacking his cock. “Open up, I’m gonna cum… oh fuck… oh fuuuuckkkk yea…”

And then I saw what happened to my face recreated on this cute, innocent-looking guy named Peter’s face. Rope after rope of thick warm cum shot out of Evan’s cock and drenched Peter. When it was over, Evan stopped the video.

Peter and I shared a look… a very knowing look. We’d both been personal cock servants to frat guy Evan and clearly both loved it. So what were we both doing here?

“Okay guys,” Evan started. “You’re both pretty good at sucking cock, but I’m curious if you can do better. So I’m going to up the ante a little bit. You’re each going to get one minute to suck me off best you can. Then I’ll judge who is the winner based on how good a job you do. Now I don’t want you to hold back – so feel free to be as verbal as you need to be. Be honest – if you love my cock, then fucking tell me so. Sound good?”

Peter and I exchanged uncertain glances. It was one thing to suck this guy off alone, but now there would be someone watching? And a competition? But a moment later, Peter silently knelt down on the ground. And so I quietly knelt beside him.

“Good,” Evan said with a smirk. “Now strip to your boxers.”

Once again, Peter and I exchanged glances. I wondered who this cute guy was who had somehow fallen into Evan’s trap as well. But when he slipped his shirt off and revealed a surprisingly toned chest and abs, I did the same. Then we both unbuckled our belts and dropped our shorts. I was wearing some Hanes boxer briefs. He was in white Jockey briefs and had a very impressive bulge. It seems skinny white guys always do. When I looked closer I realized… he was definitely hard. But fuck… so was I.

“Nice boners, faggots,” said Evan. “Oh. One more thing. Whoever loses… will get a photo of their cum-covered face leaked online.”

“What?” Peter blurted.

“Fuck no,” I protested and stood up. Evan immediately grabbed me by both shoulders and shoved me to the ground. Fuck! I forgot how strong he was.

“Like I said. I’m upping the ante. So you better fucking make this the best fucking blowjob you’ve ever given, yeah?” Evan pulled his shirt over his head and threw his pants and boxer briefs down so he was standing naked before us. A fucking fratguy god with a perfectly hung soft cock. “Who’s first?”

I saw Peter’s eyes go wide and his mouth go hungry. We both went for it and accidentally knocked our heads together. Evan laughed. He grabbed his phone. “Gotta record this shit… Stuart, you go first. One minute. Try to make my cum.”

I immediately enveloped his cock with my mouth and started sucking. God it felt so good to feel it harden in my mouth. To know that what I was doing was turning this sexy guy on. That he appreciated my cocksucking abilities. Soon it was fully hard and all the pent up sexual energy from the last week came flooding back. I had been fantasizing about this for a long time.

I jerked his cock with my hand and licked the tip. “Fuck, Evan, I’ve never sucked such a nice cock.”

“Yeah, you like that, huh?” he retorted in a growly voice.

“Wish I could suck this big cock every day. I’ve been thinking about it while I jack off.” I dove back on, sucking up and down more and more.

“Well fuck you sure know how to make it feel good. Take it all in… there you go.” Evan grabbed the back of my head and shoved it down. His cock plunged into my throat gagging me. “That’s a good guy.”

I kept sucking, now deep throating the massive cock. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Peter watching, holding his own rock hard cock from the outside of his whitey tighteys. I let Evan’s cock out of my mouth, drool falling from the tip down to the floor.

Then, Evan grabbed me by my hair, threw my head back, and shoved me backward onto the ground with his foot. “Time’s up.”

Evan immediately turned his attention to Peter, who’s hard-on was peeking out the top of his briefs now. I laid back on the floor, still staring at Evan’s cock, hoping he would give me just a wink or a nod or a cocky grin… but nothing. He and his iPhone were completely focused on Peter now.

Peter practically jumped on Evan’s cock, took it all the way into his mouth, and held it there a long moment. “Damn,” Evan exclaimed. “Now that is how you suck a dick. You paying attention, Stuart?”

I watched as this adorably cute guy wearing nothing but a backwards baseball cap and whitey tighteys sucked the strong, muscled frat guy’s huge cock. And I couldn’t help but reach down and stroke myself.

“Hah,” laughed Evan. “Peter, you’re so good at this Stuart’s jacking off just watching.” Evan turned the camera phone on me. For some reason, I jacked off more furiously and gave out a little moan.

Peter stopped sucking for a moment. “I’ve never sucked such a fucking hot cock, dude. Your so fucking big, man. I fucking love sucking your dick.”

This turned Evan on big time. He grabbed the back of Peter’s head by his hat and handed me his iPhone – “Film it, bitch.” I took the phone and framed it on Evan facefucking Peter. He grabbed Peter with both hands and started absolutely plowing him. Peter took it like a champ. Then, moments later, Evan took his cock out and started jerking it – “Ohhh fuck yeah… fuck yeah…”

I knew what that meant. When Peter opened up his mouth, I slid next to him, put my face next to his, and opened up as well. I aimed the camera so we would both be in frame just as the first spurt of cum rocketed onto our faces. The ropes of cum came hard and fast and Evan moaned, “Fuck yeah both of you faggots take that cum! Ohhhh fuck I knew you fucking wanted it… fuck… fuck!”

This was more cum than I had ever seen at one time… like… ever. When it was over, I glanced over and saw that Peter was just as drenched as I was. We looked at each other with a hint of disdain.

Evan grabbed the phone and aimed it back at us. “Well… not bad either of you. But right now I think it’s a tie. So to decide who will be the winner… and who will have their cum-covered face all over the Internet… we’ll have a race. First faggot to eat all the cum off their face and swallow it wins. Go!”

Shit! Peter immediately wiped huge globs off his face and sucked them off his fingers. I followed suit. It was warm and sticky and tasted slightly salty but knowing it came from Evan’s incredible cock just turned me on. I put glob after glob of his jizz in my mouth and swallowed as fast as I could – but it was too much. I gagged for a second, then recovered, but not before Peter put the last of his in his mouth and swallowed. “Done!” he exclaimed.

“We have a winner!” Evan said and clapped. “Sorry, bro…”

My face paled. “Please… just… don’t leak it, dude. I’ll do anything. I’ll… I’ll keep sucking you whenever you want.”

“Dude, you lost the game. Sack up and accept the consequences.”

“No – you can’t! If you post it, then… then it’s over. I’ll never come back.”

“First of all – I have plenty more evidence against you, so you better come back. Second of all…” a smug grin crossed his face, “I know you want to come back.”

“Well… just… can’t I do something?” I begged. Still on my knees, I noticed his now soft cock in front of me and start sucking on it again. He let me suck for a few moments, then pulled me off.

“I’ll think about it,” Evan said. “But right now, I’m gonna drink the beer you brought me and play some Madden. So clean up, put on some clothes, and get fuck the out.”

Evan grabbed a Heineken from the six-pack I brought and popped one open. What a fucking douche! He slipped on his boxers and sat back on his bed, chugging. Who did he think he was? Make me buy him beer, compete in a cocksucking competition, eat his cum, film the whole thing, then sit back and laugh as he leaked photos of me online? I wanted to fucking punch him in the face. But of course I didn’t dare.

Back in my room that night, I was filled with mixed emotions. I was pissed at what had transpired. Nervous that Evan might leak some photo of me. But then at the same time I was crazily turned on by the whole thing. And jealous of Peter. Was he really better than me? Did Evan actually enjoy Peter’s blowjob more than mine? Maybe Peter was cuter than me? Or just had better technique… I thought I was pretty good… I could improve, surely. I mean, I definitely made Evan feel good – after all, I’m the one who got him hard in like, twenty seconds.

Thinking about the encounter had made me hard again. Then, I noticed I had a bit of dried cum in the hair over my right ear. Shit… hope nobody saw that…. I pulled it out and put it in my mouth. Eating all that cum was fucking hot…

And so I went back onto Tumblr to find more photos of guy’s getting cummed on with the hope of reliving that moment when Evan shot all over me and Peter. I scrolled through a few pretty good ones, reaching down to stroke my hard shaft. I spit a few times on my hand and wiped it all over my cock to lube it up. Kept scrolling through pictures as I jacked off… imagining that image of Evan’s hard cock spewing… and then I saw it.

On my Tumblr feed was a photo. Of my face. Covered in Evan’s cum. Lips wrapped around his cock. I started shaking and a bizarre exhilaration swept from my chest down to my cock. The exhilaration intensified when I realized the photo – my photo – already had been “liked” 60 times. That meant… at least sixty people had seen my cum-covered face… and the look I was giving up at the camera was of total… complete… lust… and submission.

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