Twink with big dick edged & post orgasm tortured

Damn! Look at the thick, long, angry looking dick on this twink. Certainly my own cock would look swollen and red if I was wearing one of these ball hugging cock ring contraptions, but this young man has a dick that looks like it’s about to pop… With juicy, white cum. If only his torturer would let it…

You see, he’s undergoing a prolonged edging session, where his dick is getting worked over with a hand and a buzzing sex toys (which looks like it feels SO good), until he’s literally on the edge of shooting his load- and then is brought back down, before starting all over again. He’s blindfolded for half the session, before his master lets him see what’s going on- how his dick is bright red from all the intense treatment it’s been getting.

Eventually the twink cums, despite his master’s best efforts at keeping him on edge- and then the post orgasm torture starts, with his dick not allowed to get soft or take a moments break from a ton of titillation, to the point where he’s throwing his head back in over-stimulated torture, gasping, his legs twitching from the intense feelings.

Oh, and if you’re into post orgasm torture, you’ll love this.

Luke Tillery

I want this

Torture me

Me too!!!!


That’s the best edging video that I’ve ever seen

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