DVD Review: Austony- A Cockumentary

By guest blogger Miss Martine

DVD Review: Austony- A Cockumentary

I waited a long time before watching Austony: A Cockumentary, partly because I was working on other projects, and partly because I knew Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero had broken up since the filming of their scenes together, Anthony moving on to a life that does not include filming porn, and Austin moving on to his new porn project, Guys In Sweatpants. I thought it might be a bit heartbreaking watching some of their work together, knowing that they were no longer dating or working together. What I did not expect was the tastefully chosen music opening the DVD menu. A simple, beautiful and melancholy piano piece pulls you into this film before it even starts, and I can’t help but wonder if the music was chosen after the fact, after the breakup – because it speaks to me of something wonderful that has fallen, something that was beautiful but now is over.

But after a few tears, let me get to the rest of the movie, which is not sad in tone at all. Austin and Anthony seem to have had a fun, loving and fairly normal relationship, spending time doing the things we all do with our partners; reminiscing about the first time they said “I love you,” going for ice cream together, fighting sometimes, and of course having sex. As Anthony tells us, it’s just normal sex, but for me what makes these sex scenes something special- just like their relationship- is that they’re real. There’s so much backstory to Austin and Anthony, the conversations they have as well as the intimacy you know they’ve shared so many times, that all their interactions are colored by it. You know that even when they’re having sex in front of the camera, or with a third person involved, they have a connection that intensifies their chemistry tenfold.

Another factor that intensifies the chemistry of the film is the way Anthony and Austin explain their sex life, and how they feel about sharing each other with an outside partner. Though there may be jealousy on some level, the pleasure they both describe getting from watching each other fuck or get fucked by a different partner is steamy and downright kinky. I absolutely loved this aspect of the scenes, the complexity generated by their real-life connections that make the threesomes completely different from the usual parings you might see in porn, between three uninvolved partners. The fact that they brought these third parties into their sex life, even if only for work purposes, is another thrilling, sexy glimpse of intimacy in a genuine relationship.

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Overall, the biggest selling point for this compilation is that it isn’t just a compilation of scenes. The sex is there, and it’s incredibly hot, but it’s also part of larger story, a story that though it is over is still utterly worth watching. Cockyboys, tongue-in-cheek, gives Austony the “cockumentary” subtitle, but the fact is that this is a wonderful documentary of the couple, and an insightful look into the porn world and what it might like to be in a relationship while working in an industry that many people consider a challenge to date within. Cockyboys has done extremely well to craft a film like this, and I dearly hope to see more work from them that captures my heart like Austony did – films that tell a story, that leave you with more than just an orgasm or two, but with something even more gratifying, something like love. Even if it ends in heartbreak.

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