Darius Ferdynand interview: his fave top is Samuel Colt

Darius Ferdynand interview: his fave top is Samuel Colt

Do you get recognised on the street much for your porn work? What’s the general reaction?

I do get recognised in gay friendly places like bars and clubs. I get different reactions, they’re normally drunk and get quite handsy.

What kind of guys do you find attractive in your personal life?

I find attractive two types of guys. One of them is a jock hunk type, between 20-30, with athletic or muscular smooth body, light hair, light eyes, young energy, high sex-drive, adventures, crazy type. The other one is mature between 30-48, hairy, dark hair, dark eyes, masculine, confident, dominant type, with sarcastic humour and peaceful personality.

Darius Ferdynand interview: his fave top is Samuel Colt

Who has been your favourite top and bottom to work with so far and why?

My favourite top was Samuel Coltand my favourite bottom was Bruno Bernal. Both of them excellent at their field.

Trailer below: Darius getting banged by his favourite top, Samuel! Watch the whole thing here!

You’re on a first date with your favourite celebrity- who would it be and why?

One of My favourite celebrity would be Chris Hemsworth, I guess, I don’t need to explain why.

If you could pick one of your scenes as your favourite, which one would it be and why?

I’ve got lots of favourite scenes. I love my job, there’s a reason why I still do it. One of my favourites was a threesome with Tomas Brand and Dirk Caber for Men At Play.

Trailer below: Boy Been Bad- Darius’ favourite threesome with Tomas Brand and Dirk Caber! Watch the whole thing here!

You’ve been doing a lot with American studios- what differences do you find working with them compared to European ones?

Big American companies have a different work routine. They normally have a bigger crew to work with, it’s easier, but they’re also more precise and more punctual with different lights, angles, positions, more detail-oriented.

Have you lived out all of your sexual fantasies yet? If yes, what were they and if not, what are they?

No, I did not live out my all sexual fantasies and I hope I never will. I got this cream pie group bareback fantasy, but it probably will always stay just a fantasy, too risky.

Trailer below: Darius fucking his favourite bottom- Bruno Bernal! Watch the whole thing here!

Do you get a lot of American guys swooning over your accent?

Yes, I do get quite a few american guys ‘swooning over my accent’, so I might play that card even until I lose my accent forever.

You have an incredibly masculine, muscular body- what do you do to keep so fit?

Well, I wish I could say there’s a secret that works for me to keep my condition, but there’s nothing like that. I work out 5-6 times a week and I do exercises for almost my whole body every time. I have a quick metabolism so with a hard gym session and strict diet I can make drastic changes in a week, but of course I lose weight very quickly if I don’t eat regularly, miss the gym and don’t take my supplements.

Trailer below: Alex Garcia is Darius’ horny footman… Watch the whole thing here!

If you could have a fantasy threesome with two guys in the industry, who would they be and why?

If I could have my fantasy threesome from the industry it would be with Carlo Massi and Aiden from Corbin Fisher, so I could have both of my types in one place.

Uncut vs cut – who wins?

100% UNCUT. I like it natural.

Darius Ferdynand interview: his fave top is Samuel Colt

Amazing abs vs bubble butt – who wins?

Abs or bubble butt? I would pick both, then just ask him to turn around, again, and again….and again.

Hairy chest vs smooth chest – who wins?

Hairy chest….I’m crazy about it.

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