Blowjob, bareback fuck & cum play with a shotglass!

This is one submissive, and cum loving, bottom. At first he’s happy sucking on his top’s dick, choking on its length- it’s BIIIIIGGGG– as the top pushes his head down, inch by inch, until he’s gagging. But he takes it all in his mouth- good job there bitch.

The action then moves to his ass, where the top fucks him bareback, spearing his dick betweenthe bottom’s smooth butt cheeks. He takes him hard- and the bottom tells him how good it feels- before things get properly vocal and the top says ‘I’m going to fuck you like this and you’re gonna cum in your own mouth!‘ (in an Australian accent I think?).

The tattooed top then ends up blowing HIS load in the bottom’s mouth, moaning hard as he shoots his spunk- and the bottom presents his cum filled mouth to the camera, playing with the white juice with his tongue. He spits the cum into a shot glass…. And gets on his back, opens up his ass, and the top pours the cum straight into his hole, before plugging him up his hard dick again. And THEN (yup, there’s more!) the bottom cums in his own mouth.

WOW. I feel like we hit all the bases with this video. Good job guys.

One response to “Blowjob, bareback fuck & cum play with a shotglass!”

  1. me says:

    That top was def aussie an the bottom was one he’ll of a fuck, thanks for posting the vids mate.

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