Porn thug Connor Kline gets an exam from his doctor

Resident Hot House doctor Leo Domenicomust have been rubbing his rubbered-up hands with glee when Connor Klinewalked onto his set… I’m mean, into his office. He soon starts lubing up Connor’s ass for an ‘examination’, but it doesn’t look very medically sound to me. For instance, I didn’t have to strip naked at my last doctors exam- is my doc doing it wrong?

Connor’s physical seems very in-depth as he’s eventually required to give a semen sample, and this doctor seems to only know how to get it the old fashioned way- by riding Connor’s cock until he blows his load messily all over the place. Better get your Petri dish out quick doctor if you’re going to salvage any of that thick cum!

See a preview clip below and the whole scene here

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