Colby Keller ‘does America’: fucking across the country

Colby Keller ‘does America’: fucking across the country

Months ago Colby Keller, porn star and artist, decided it was time to shake up his life. Instead of going the old fashioned route and mollifying a mid-life crisis with a sporty red car and an affair with a secretary, he decided to give away all his possessions and embark on a project to fuck his way across America, relying on the generosity of his fans to pay his day to day expenses.

It’s going well for him- he’s regularly updating his site with new videos, which aren’t all about sex as you might have presumed, and he’s enjoying himself on his new life journey.

He’s even got an online store where you can purchase stuff to help fund his journey (if you’ve got $300 laying around you want to invest in a pair of used socks).

Check out this video of him explaining the whole concept himself, and then below that a video of his experiences while visiting Oregon.

Looks like he’s having fun, right? I’m not totally jealous, oh no!

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