Cockyboys ‘A Thing Of Beauty’ Cockyboys ‘A Thing Of Beauty’ Cockyboys 2013-06-18T20:10:58-04:00 Cockyboys Dale Cooper Colby Keller

Cockyboys ‘A Thing Of Beauty’

Cockyboys ‘A Thing Of Beauty’ Cockyboys ‘A Thing Of Beauty’ Cockyboys ‘A Thing Of Beauty’

Months ago Jake Jaxson and his creative partner in crime RJ Sebastian quietly fell off the map and no-one quite knew where they had gone, but there was an indication that something intriguing was taking place as at the same time a few of the industries top porn stars, including Colby Keller& Dale Cooper, had also gone quiet… As Obi-Wan Kenobi famously wasn’t quoted as saying  ‘I felt a great disturbance in the porn force’.

Well it turns out the whole bunch of them had bundled into an RV, skipped across the border and were busy filming a beautiful porn tale in the warm embrace of the Mexico coast (I made the bit up about the RV. Can you imagine?! Actually, you don’t need to).

This is part one of four of the opus. It sees Colby & Dale (possibly real life boyfriends, I’ve heard on the porn-vine?!) delightfully veering between lust & making love. There’s a lot of worshipping of Colby’s cock by Dale, as he really enjoys feeling it’s hardness thrusting into his mouth, before some real hard-core fucking explodes onto the screen. Colby manhandles but never disrespects Dale as he pounds him hard, bringing them closer and closer until- BAM! Epic Cum Shots.

Afterwards the two lark about in the infinity pool, loads shot, relaxed and simply being real, providing an endearing glimpse into their lives & (possible!) relationship. Truly a thing of beauty.

2 responses to “Cockyboys ‘A Thing Of Beauty’”

  1. Amy says:

    This was a fascinating study of the inner workings of your mind. It was cute how you started out pseudo-intellectually with an analogy. Then that analogy was about precum, and from that point it was just about sex. With a final, all caps, non-sequiter. It's crazy in your brain, isn't it? Thank god. You're a perverted genius.

  2. Amy says:

    Ah…the porn vine. I wish I had one of those growing in my backyard. For reals, though, this scene is fucking genius. For me, the high point was Dale Cooper's face when Colby Keller fingered him. Did I just cross the "too graphic" line? Just kidding. I know there's no such line here. It's why I love you.

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