Extreme closeup of guy cumming in Fleshjack

Ever wondered what it’s like to watch a close-up view of a dick shooting a load of white cum inside a Fleshjack? You have? Well, this is your day fellow cum-lover, because what we’ve got here is an ingenious man who’s shoved a camera inside his favorite sex toy and filmed himself busting his nut inside it.

The first few seconds are a little strange as you wonder what the hell’s about to thrust through the silicone sphincter- but then the delightfully familiar sight of a hard cock head appears, and before long it’s shooting a load of tasty looking cum directly at the camera. Damn I bet that felt good.

And damn I want to have a go too- I’d love to see what my own cum looks like shooting straight out the end of my dick! Certainly enough guy’s have seen it- I’d love to know what it looked like for them.

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