The Black Spark chapter 1.5 Elsewhere a villain is born

The Black Spark, an amateur porn sensation, captivated porn audiences a few years back with his perfectly framed images of toned guys sucking and fucking; videos that were dedicated to the art of the tease rather than focused on the actual sex taking place.

Every time we got close to seeing what lies beyond the masks that his hot, young subjects wear he’d cut away, leaving us gasping for more.

In this video, chapter 1.5 of his early work, evocatively titled ‘Elsewhere a villain is born‘, we get to see some of the more of the hotter, more explicit action he’s captured on camera.

We’ve got a handsome young man in a mask sucking on a cock, his lips tight around the shaft and head, before a heavy load gets shot straight on to his tongue. Which he swallows like a good cum-slut should.

We then get to see a ripped young jock jerking his cock and shooting his cum onto his palm, before bringing his hand to his mouth and licking up the whole lot. Just thinking about it as I write has given me a painfully hard boner…

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