Casey Tanner & Ty Roderick living in domestic bliss

By guest blogger Amy

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Ty Roderick and Casey Tanner are IN LOVE! They’re currently in LA together, doing domestic things all day, like shopping together, cuddling, and making cutesy vines the whole time. I’ve already volunteered to be the Best Man for the wedding (which, strangely, I’ve gotten no response on), because the two of them, while a seemingly unlikely pair, are perfect for each other!

Casey Tanner & Ty Roderick living in domestic bliss

There is the teeniest tiniest chance I’ve blown this whole thing out of proportion. Here are the facts, and you can help me decide. Ty Roderick and Casey Tanner are making a film together through Red Raw Media called Adoration (because they obviously love each other). I, for one, cannot wait for this scene to be released because, whether it’s a real-life relationship or not (which it totally is), the two have incredible chemistry together. Here are some exclusive photos (taken by Red Raw Media) from the upcoming movie, which proves their undying love for each other (or that they’re really good at their jobs, whatever):

Casey Tanner & Ty Roderick living in domestic bliss

If you’ve been following the career of Casey Tanner, you know he took an extended break from porn and has only fairly recently returned to the industry, putting his sexy blazer and tie on for his return to Helix Academy and shooting other scenes with Helix Studios, among them one with Ty Roderick, which was no doubt when they met and fell in love (check out the trailer below and watch the whole scene here)

Casey is back, and he’s back with a vengeance. We certainly don’t mind seeing him naked, but the thing that has kept his loyal fans increasing by leaps and bounds even when he wasn’t shooting porn is his “You don’t like me? I really don’t care.” attitude.

He manages to turn criticism to his advantage, such as this photo from Columbus gay pride, which was posted originally as an insult (look what a mess he is!) but has become iconic. Why? Because he knows who he is and he owns it. And he looks amazingly hot in heels.

Casey Tanner & Ty Roderick living in domestic bliss

He’s young, but he’s media savvy, so it’s no surprise that he just launched a new website,, where you can keep up to date on not only the absolutely true story of Ty Roderick and Casey Tanner’s romance, Adoration, but on his upcoming road trip documentary with fellow porn star and social media personality, Liam Riley. They’ll be at VIVA in New York City on March 1st, but will also be in Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta, Phoenix, Dallas, LA and more. And we get to watch it all!

I’m especially looking forward to Casey and Liam’s stop in Los Angeles, where lovers Ty and Casey will be reunited, and there might be a possibility for a threesome?

Casey Tanner & Ty Roderick living in domestic bliss

There’s nothing I like more than an adorable throuple!!

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