FIVE of the biggest cum shots you’re ever going to see!

Let’s face it- as gay men we are all a little addicted to cum. We can’t help but fast forward to the cum shots when we’re watching porn, we’re fascinated when a guy we’re having sex with shoots his load- how far it will go, how big his load will be, what will it taste like (if you’re a cum slut like me!)… All the way down to having our eyes glued to our own cocks spurt when we’re jerking off.

We just can’t get enough of the stuff.

So when a guy unexpectedly shoots a huge load when he cums we can get a little over excited. OK, a LOT over excited, acting like he just ran a thirty second mile rather than emptied his nuts during a muscle spasm. I freely admit it- I’m thoroughly impressed by big cum loads, and here’s five of my favorite videos of men with seemingly hollow balls spraying their impressive seed…

The Festival Shooter: 12 shots of cum

By the amount of straps around this young man’s wrist you can tell he goes to a lot of festivals- which may be how he saved up such a huge load- after all, there can’t be much privacy to jerk off when you’re in a field of tents surrounded by ten thousand screaming teenage girls.

This looks like a hasty wank- he’s not even taken his shorts all the way off, and he’s soon shooting a huge load of cum far across the room, almost hitting the camera with a few strong spurts. I’m so impressed that he shoots TWELVE TIMES– can you imagine how long and intense his orgasm must have been?!

The Porn Jerker: 10 shots of cum

He’s in his favorite position- leaning back on the couch, porn playing on the TV as he jerks his long cock, concentrating on rubbing his hand on the sensitive, swollen head. He knows he’s going to shoot big because he’s pulled his T-shirt up to expose his abs- they’re soon going to be covered in a manly mess.

When he cums the ropes are THICK and long- really spurting hard out the end of his dick. And they just keep on coming, strong bursts of tasty looking cum, splashing down onto his abs and crotch. And every time I thought he was done another smaller shot would make an appearance… Sneaky!

The Uncut Kitchen Coater: 10 shots of cum

Uncut cocks are just so hot to watch as a guy jerks- seeing that foreskin move back and forth, giving us teasing glimpses of a man’s cock head. It’s like he’s playing hide and seek with the most sensitive part of his body. This guy’s lying on the floor of his kitchen- and I’ve a feeling he just got in, horny as hell, dropped his backpack and simply lie on the floor to satisfy a day long and desperate need to unload.

And you can tell he was eager to cum, because when he starts to shoot it JUST KEEPS COMING. The shots start out nice and big, and then they get stronger and thicker, completely coating his smooth chest and abs in more and more layers of fresh cum. He makes sure to keep his foreskin pulled back as he shoots- giving him (and the camera) the strongest, most impressive jets of spunk he can.

The Bathroom Binger: 1 endless stream

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to piss cum- this is the answer. This guy has the biggest, most consistently thick and plentiful cum I’ve ever seen. I have no idea where it’s coming from. A few people have called it fake, but I don’t see how it’s possible. I think it’s genetic: some men, whether you think them lucky or not, simply cum a ridiculous amount.

Can you imagine this dude unloading in your mouth? You’d have to swallow ten times and probably still be choking on his thick cream. This garden-hose of a cum shot definitely wins biggest load of the day- but it would be hard, even for a cum slut like myself, to stomach that much spunk.

The Slow Motion Shooter: 6 shots of cum

Compared to the other videos on this page this isn’t a huge cum shot, but in real world terms it’s still pretty big- I’ve personally only managed the same amount on my very best days.

Instead what’s so great about this video is the sheer beauty of his cum shot- the thick jets of spunk shooting out the end of his dick in slow motion makes it easy to see why gay men are so obsessed with the stuff- there’s a majestic beauty to watching it erupt like a volcano, coating a man in his own juices, all the while knowing just how good it must feel to have an orgasm this intense.

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