Self sucking / Autofellatio- whatever you wanna call it

I think at some point we’ve all tried it- bending over and stretching our backs as far as we can, forlornly staring at our hard, dripping cocks as it refuses to edge closer to our mouth. Yes, I’m talking autofellatio, the holy grail of self-loving acts. I’ve all but given up on the dream of giving myself a blowjob until I cum… That is, until I see a video like this, and it makes me strip off and try the whole thing again.

This dude practically unhinges his back as he bends forward and slowly, and with incredible ease, swallows his whole shaft in his own mouth. He gets the whole thick thing in- down to his balls! Amazing. He then proceeds to give himself an expert blowjob, and before too long is shooting his cum in his own mouth. He either cums buckets or doesn’t like to swallow (or is maybe just showing off for the camera) because his seed leaks out of his mouth, down his shaft and across his balls… And there’s a damn lot of it.

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