Anonymous hotel sex: butt fucked raw by stranger

This is something you’ll see offered up quite often on Craigslist an offer of an anonymous fuck, where a guy will be face down and butt up on his bed, ready to be fucked without ever seeing who the guy shoving his cock into him looks like.

In this case the slutty bottom got lucky- a guy turns up with beautifully toned legs, a smooth bubble butt and a long, curved cock that’s already rock hard when he drops his shorts. The bottom is obviously lubed up in preparation because the top just shoves his raw dick straight in- no foreplay, no words, just instant bareback fucking.

The top doesn’t waste time, getting straight into thrusting mode, slamming his dick balls deep inside that ass, working out a quick load. His breathing gets ragged and he’s soon shooting his load deep inside the butt. And that’s it. He wipes down his cock, slips his clothes back on and is gone out the door.

No words spoken. A totally anonymous pump and dump.


Wish I was second


That’s the way I like to get fucked – anonymous in my motel room!!

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