Five minutes with the creator of Dudesnude

I’ve been a fan/member of Dudesnudefor a few years and have always been impressed by the hotness of the guys who stroll it’s virtual halls.

It’s an simple, honest site that sets out to do one thing and do it well- bring naked guys together so they can make sweet, sweeeet love to each others butts in the real world. Or if they’re on the other side of the globe, knock out a thick load in one of the cam rooms.

The man who made it all happen, Phil, sat down with me for five minutes to answer some questions as to why he created the site, it’s philosophy & what might be in store for the future…

Five minutes with the creator of Dudesnude

When did you launch Dudesnude?

August 2002

What gave you the idea to start the site?

At the time there were 1 or 2 gay dating sites and I noticed that in addition to using these sites to get real life dates, guys were using them for cybersex. Since the dating sites did not cater very well for cybersex, Dudesnude was initially set up to focus on this function by facilitating sharing and browsing of content, although as it’s grown many guys are now also using it to meet up with other guys in real life.

Do you have a profile yourself?

Yes I do! 

What’s the strangest pic someone has uploaded that you had to reject?

Dudesnude members tend to be more at the vanilla end of things so it’s actually quite rare that we have to take action over content, someone did once upload a picture that involved a human being and a horse in ways which don’t really bear repeating.

Is running Dudenude your full time job?

Sometimes but not always.

How do you feel about the community that’s built up on the site?

I like it that Dudesnude’s is known not just for all the hot guys on there, but also for a particularly friendly and attitude-free space.

Do you regularly jerk off to members videos?

Not recently, I found the site sexy for the first 2 weeks or so after launching it, but after that my relationship with it shifted to something more objective, so that (strange as it might sound) when I am working on it I don’t really notice the sexual dimension of it very much – kind of like a gynaecologist working on women I guess!

Are you going to give the site a facelift, it hasn’t changed much over the past few years?

There is nothing too radical currently planned because I think the existing information architecture works quite well, although there are certainly some improvements and updates we could make at this point so it is likely the site will be getting a bit of an update soon.

Have you ever had any celebrity members, if so whom (if you can say)?

There’s quite a few famous porn stars on Dudesnude. There are a few celebrity members outside of the porn industry (who may want to remain anonymous so I won’t mention their names).

Where do you draw the line of what is appropriate or not? is it determined by law or ethics?

Both. We obviously have to conform to the laws on the subject, but we also take an ethical position on things which may not be illegal but which we feel may reasonably be regarded as harmful to the site or it’s members.

How do you feel the tendency towards controlling the free flow of content on the internet will affect websites like yours?

I think it’s likely that there will be a never ending swing of the pendulum from more liberal to more conservative and back again, so in the short term it may well get more restrictive. In the long term however, it seems things generally only go one way, towards increasing openness – I’d expect that to continue, I think it’s probably a fact of cultural evolution that it does so.

How do you feel having helped thousands of guys to hook up and maybe even start relationships?

It does feel good when I actually hear from people, hearing their stories about how the site has positively impacted their life, actually hearing people’s stories makes it real for me. Regarding the thousands of stories I don’t hear, it’s harder to connect those with my daily experience of database servers and lines of code! Hopefully lots of people have had large amounts of fun with it all.

How do you deal with people using fake pics? Do you get a lot of it? I know myself that at least two people have tried using my pics in their profiles…

there is quite a lot of it, because of this we have well honed procedures (many of them automated) for taking care of the problem. Our usual response is to suspend a profile but give the profile owner a chance of challenging the action by uploading a verification picture, without our verification system this process would not be so easy.

How do you feel about people who ask for private password and then put those pics on Tumblr, along with the users face?

It’s very unfortunate that things like this happen, but it’s a fact of life that not everyone is able to behave respectfully towards other people. I think we all need to bear this in mind when we upload content to the internet and share it with other people we don’t really know.

What do you feel differentiates Dudesnude from other online dating sites?

Technically and design wise it’s got a content-centric architecture, it’s designed to sit in the background and highlight members content rather than taking centre stage itself. The search features also support searching of the picture and video databases, so it’s possible to search for particular content as well as particular profiles.

In terms of the member demographic, the site clearly has a reputation around all the hot guys who have chosen to make it their cyberhome, but also as mentioned before I think the degree of friendliness and also the sense of the community within Dudesnude is something quite special.

Have you ever been so taken with a new members pictures that you had to drop your trousers and jerk off, right then and there?

In the early days, quite likely!

And last but not least.. How can members petition for thePornpup to be the next front page model? (ha!)

LOL! Yes we do need to change the front page. I am reflecting on whether that’s something that we need to look at. Until I’ve decided on that, I am sitting on my hands with it all.

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