Tattooed jock with thick dick sucked off while driving

“Get down there and suck on my cock guy”… who could refuse such an order? Certainly not this willing cocksucker, who’s being told by the driver of this car, who already has his long, thick cock sticking out of his pants, to worship his cock with his mouth.

And the orders keep coming, “Suck that dick- come on, harder!”, while the dick sucker really gets into the whole situation. And he must be good as all too soon it’s “Don’t stop I’m gonna cum soon!” and then BLAM that thick dick erupts with spunk, his cum shooting all over the place and yet somehow he manages to stay on the road! Now that’s one cool as a cucumber, big dicked dominant dude.

2 responses to “Tattooed jock with thick dick sucked off while driving”

  1. Robert Smith says:

    i wouldnt have spilled a drop of his cum, would have milked his cock with pleasure

  2. Paul says:

    He’s got a lovely cock

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