Scruffy amateur guy with beard wanks, does poppers

This scruffy young man has a big beard, furry pubes and a strangely decorated bedroom (the exercise ball sitting beside a crucifix and… a church lectern?!), but he’s only got eyes for his dick… and the bottle of poppers he brought along for the ride.

He pulls his hard dick out of his underwear, some military camouflage boxer-shorts, at first and starts jerking with a steady, firm hand. Before long those awful boxers come off and we see his furry nuts and big pubic bush. He takes a moment out from jerking to take a snort of poppers and then… it happens.

The poppers send him into overdrive and we can hear from his breathing that he’s getting close to blowing his load. I really got off on listening to him, his ragged breaths were really hot as you honestly know he’s on the cusp of having a great orgasm.

When he shoots, a beautiful rope of cum erupts for his cock and hits his belly. There aren’t many after but that big one makes up for it!

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