Amateur muscle man with glorious hairy chest shows off

Exhibitionist’s make the world go round. Or, at least, they make me get hard in my pants. This handsome and hairy chested stud is showing off his toned, muscular body while talking dirty to the camera. It’s like he’s talking right to us, as he tells us that we ‘want his fat cock’, calling us a ‘pussy boy’ as he teases us with his half hidden dick.

He hasn’t showered this morning so it ‘smells like dick’. Yum! Can you imagine how good that thick dick must smell and taste in his underwear. He flops it around and it’s LONG and it’s not even hard yet! But we can see in his tight underwear that it’s getting harder… And then he shows off his tight ass… Woo hoo!

Eric Boga

He can be my dominant daddy any time

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