Amateur cute guy jerks, shoots SO MUCH CUM then eats it

‘I’m a little horny so I bet you might enjoy this’… Dude, you could be in a manic depression downing vodka shots and slapping yourself with a bible and I’d still enjoy watching you. Whoops, that got dark fast, sorry. Let’s just say this guy is super cute and I’d happily watch him for hours (like I do with this fucking ADORABLE straight Geordie on Youtube) and leave it at that.

So this smiling amateur hottie is already naked when he starts his webcam session, and within seconds is showing off his ripped abs and toned arms. Yeah, he’s got a flipping rocking body. His skin looks so smooth to touch, and his dick is as hard as a rod of steel- he did say he was horny after all. He’s definitely the full package.

As he’s jerking his long cut cock he’s tensing his abs, showing off some amazing tone, as well as a particularly sexy Apollo’s belt (that’s the hot lines beside his abs that lead down to his cock, if you weren’t aware).

Much too soon he’s moaning and we know what that means- he’s about to empty his balls over himself. And guy does he shoot– spunk flies everywhere, up his chest, across his abs, and there’s a lot of it. Delicious as well, evidently, because he proceeds to lick up an errant rope of it on his pec. Which then leads to him spooning the cum up with his fingers and swallowing it down. What a hot little cum-slut fucker. I love it.

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