Amateur muscular jock fucks his smaller boyfriend hard

WOW. Now THAT is an aggressive top. And a bossy bottom.

This is what happens when you get a power-top fucking a power-bottom. It’s hard to know who’s fucking who at times, with the smaller bottom pounding his ass into the jock top’s groin with a hungry energy, and then the top slamming every single inch of his dick with mounting fury into the bottom squirming and moaning beneath him.

This is the kind of fuck I fantasize about when I’m jerking my dick at night in bed- the kind of sex that has the neighbors banging on the wall and the neighborhood dogs barking- when there’s no-one in the vicinity who doesn’t know that an ass is getting absolutely pummeled by dick tonight.

And the best part? When there’s a brief break from the power fucking, the top leans forward and the bottom leans back and they have a sexy, passionate yet gentle make-out session. Awwww.

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