Amateur young man is great at blowjobs & swallowing cum

You’ve got to admire a young man who’s committed to the art of giving an amazing blowjob. This dude doesn’t even touch his own dick- he’s completely dedicated to working a load out of thecock that he’s got his lips wrapped around. The guy getting sucked says ‘fucking hot dude!’ (I love a vocal top) and that spurs him to suck even harder.

After a good few minutes getting expertly sucked off the guy says ‘Oh shit, I’m about to cum…‘. Does the cocksucker stop? Of course not! He starts sucking harder and faster, excited about the load he’s about to get directly onto his tongue. And he swallows every drop. Tasty.

57 responses to “Amateur young man is great at blowjobs & swallowing cum”

  1. want to be sucked says:

    I love to have my thick cock sucked and ram it down your throat and have you lick the tip of my dick then shove it down your throat again till I blow my load in your mouth and you swallow it, if you live in the twin cities I would love to have you suck me off.

  2. cumswallower says:

    wish I had a group of hung uncut latino men to suck off right now..

  3. tsgtdick says:

    Love sucking a man cock on guys in good shape with 7″ or more love the taste and feel of his twitching cock head in my mouth as it grows, sucking down to the fat base of his cock & up several tines love to taste his balls and rim & tongue fuck his clean ass-hole then using my index finger fuck his ass-hole, as I stroke his cock with the other all ib a pace with mouth massaging his cock head, tasting his pre-cum oozing from hos piss slit & thrill at his ass-crack puckering on my finger fucking his cock harder as that 1st tickling wad rushes along the length of his cock & its electric tickling burst from his sensitive piss-slit into my massaging mouth love the feel of his twitching cock head & each wad of cum!!!

  4. hungrythroat says:

    I wish it was me sucking and swllowing

  5. LowC66 North Kansas City , one of the best , love big loads , uncut no problem , says:

    Me too , North Kansas City , and cum hungry always

  6. Marco says:

    Yes love swallowing another man’s love deep down my throat I’m single and I’m looking for a man to make love to you out here this is hard not getting the baby I just want to taste some man ass so bad suck a cock get throat fucked take nice cock deep up in me in a nice warm load and then I want to fuck some nice ass and yes strictly bareback I want to feel the warmth of my man’s hole and I want to fill the Flesh of a nice work that me decock up in me…

    • sam says:

      I love sucking a mans cock having him cum in my mouth, I all ways swallow and keep on sucking , a cock fills so good to me.

      • Latinlvrjust4u says:

        I’m a Bi Latin male and have done Oral and Anal.I have really enjoyed Sucking my partners Cock and Swallowing his Cum and wanting more again.I love to swallow big loads.I call it”Making Love to his Cock with My Mouth”!I love it when my partner(?) stays awhile and let’s me Suck his Cock many times more Feeding more of his Sweet Baby Batter 3-5 loads more.It turns me on to have a Mans Cock in my mouth making him go from Soft to Rock hard swelling up and then the Reward for doing the Good Deed shooting his Load in my Mouth to Swallow and me getting every drop.Yummy!I would like to have 5-6 Men for a 2 Day non stop Feeding me their Loads and Fucking Me to Filling me with Cum there to.And maybe call some friends of theirs to Cum join in?That’s my Fantasy that i would love to happen soon!Any one out there know of any men that are Able to try to make my Fantasy Cum true?

  7. grandpa deep says:

    love it down my throat twice is nice and then you can ride me hard and deep’

  8. Anonymous says:

    I love sex with women but something about sucking a man’s dick drives me crazy. I love to feel it throb against my tongue and feel it swell then squirt in my mouth and throat! Damn I wish I could blow someone right now!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I love the feel of a throbbing cock in my mouth , hunching deeper and deeper and the great taste of a spurting and gushing orgasm , great cocksucker in Kearney Mo.

  10. Anonymous says:

    so cal sucker always looking 4. cox2sukcum2swallow

  11. Cocklover35801 says:

    That was so hot, I shot off in my pants just watching

  12. Cumm-on says:

    Young Hot, and Horny for a nice fat shaved balls and cock in my mouth. Dreaming of beautiful cut 6-8” cock in my mouth. Love to suck hard and swallow every bit. I also love it when my guy can hold the pressure and shoot cumm all over my stomach and chin and lips.

  13. Anonymous says:

    It’s always best token sucking while he unloads that yummy cum I’m ready for a69 bj!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely LOVE to suck off cute younger guys and swallow every drop of sweet ample cum directly from the source. Enjoy being nude too like right now. Ready for the next blow job.

  15. Secretswallow says:

    My wife got me very into sucking big cocks and swallowing loads. Nothing like worshipping a hot cock

  16. Love2nourish says:

    Wife got me totally into sucking and swallowing loads. I crave it

  17. Waiting says:

    Absolutely awesome bi. Very envious.

  18. Slideitdown says:

    Love it rammed down my throat when he’s cumming…keep it there until he’s done…love that delicious dark meat…

  19. nice64 says:

    Like to have a young man suck me

  20. Curt in Warsaw mo. says:

    I suck the same way I don’t use my hands though I go down all the way

    • bartboy61 says:

      fuck yea! Best blow job is hands free and deepthroat– if you want to use your hands, finger my hole and I’ll cum quicker!!

  21. bartboy61 says:

    awesome wet blowjob! i love when a guy continues sucking as you’re cumming in his mouth!!

  22. Robscotrain says:

    i suck cock because i like the guy cumming in my mouth..i am good..ive sucked a few a successful bj is one where enjoys the head and too the point he cums..Anyone can suck cock…but not everyone has learned to suck it proper,when you good enough for getting the guy off with your mouth, this becomes a reward for the guy to ooze in your mouth..The cum blows into your mouth the cocks head swells up in your mouth…It feels awesome..i suck for that reason alone..

  23. Marsha01 says:

    Love to be there sucking that cock.

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