Amateur young man is great at blowjobs & swallowing cum

You’ve got to admire a young man who’s committed to the art of giving an amazing blowjob. This dude doesn’t even touch his own dick- he’s completely dedicated to working a load out of thecock that he’s got his lips wrapped around. The guy getting sucked says ‘fucking hot dude!’ (I love a vocal top) and that spurs him to suck even harder.

After a good few minutes getting expertly sucked off the guy says ‘Oh shit, I’m about to cum…‘. Does the cocksucker stop? Of course not! He starts sucking harder and faster, excited about the load he’s about to get directly onto his tongue. And he swallows every drop. Tasty.

Curt in Warsaw mo.

I suck the same way I don’t use my hands though I go down all the way


fuck yea! Best blow job is hands free and deepthroat– if you want to use your hands, finger my hole and I’ll cum quicker!!


awesome wet blowjob! i love when a guy continues sucking as you’re cumming in his mouth!!


i suck cock because i like the guy cumming in my mouth..i am good..ive sucked a few a successful bj is one where enjoys the head and too the point he cums..Anyone can suck cock…but not everyone has learned to suck it proper,when you good enough for getting the guy off with your mouth, this becomes a reward for the guy to ooze in your mouth..The cum blows into your mouth the cocks head swells up in your mouth…It feels awesome..i suck for that reason alone..

In either end

Join the discussion Please suck me


I would love to suck your cock,where are you located

Cum junkie

All you have to do is ask!


Love to be there sucking that cock.

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