Amateur cocksucker gets a mouthful of cum

We come into this video right at the climax- as soon as this handsome cocksucker puts his mouth in front of the cock of the guy filming he starts getting cum shot straight onto his tongue. And he loves it- not missing a drop, before showing off his spunk filled mouth to the camera.

Getting fed cum sets off his own orgasm, and he shoots his own load out of his thick, uncut, and quite frankly gorgeous cock. Hot.

5 responses to “Amateur cocksucker gets a mouthful of cum”

  1. Joe2bloeugood says:

    Theres nothing more wonderfully incredible as feeling a huge Cock growing and filling my mouth and growing into my throat

  2. hungrythroat says:

    I also love docking and cumming

  3. hungrythroat says: would love to be the one one swllowing

  4. SAM says:

    Me to but I want a cock all the way down to your balls the fill of a hard cock is so good.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Love to suck dicks

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