A Thing of Beauty part 2- loads of pics

A Thing of Beauty part 2- loads of pics

I’m extremely jealous watching JD Phoenix & Cockyboys long-time exclusive Gabriel Clarkfucking, nay, making sensual love on a balmy summers day along the Mexican coast.

The setting is beautiful, the guys are hot and they’re blatantly enjoying the sex. Though in that setting I think it’d be hard not to enjoy yourself, especially if you’re sliding your dick up JD’s incredible bubble butt.

This ‘A Thing of Beauty’ scene hasn’t been released yet, so for the moment you’ll just have to enjoy these pics and use your imagination. When it hits CockyboysI’ll post a trailer.

3 responses to “A Thing of Beauty part 2- loads of pics”

  1. Tom says:

    Gabriel Clark always so amazing ! Thank you Gabriel for being the best ! Amazing pics 🙂

  2. Nick says:

    It was at Huatulco!

  3. deka1606 says:

    Hi! i'm from Mexico, do you know where exactly was that film?

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