A chat with Bravo Delta: being a bad bottom

A chat with Bravo Delta: being a bad bottom

Were you nervous about having to actually act in Answered Prayers: The Bully? Or do you consider all of your porn work a form of acting so it was a simple progression?

Not at all. Acting and doing stuff on camera doesn’t really make me too nervous. If anything I was nervous about that whole being covered in stickers thing. I knew it would irritate my skin and pull off my body hair, and it did. You can see red marks all over me in that video.

You’ve gone on record as saying you don’t make a good bottom- is this from previous personal experience? Would you be willing to try again in future to make sure it’s not for you?

No, it’s from my years of research in the fields of scatology and proctology that I applied to myself. Of course it’s from “previous personal experience,”! I’ve given it a couple chances. I don’t know how people that bottom frequently deal with all that prep work. Plus I’m way too tight and don’t have the motivation to stretch myself out down there. Not saying I’m never going to give it another chance though, but don’t expect to see it on video. I think some people fail to realize that me trying to bottom on camera with my current level of experience would be a production disaster. Maybe some other guys could do it for their first time like it’s nothing, but I’m too unlucky for that gamble.

If you had to suck one of these men to completion, who would it be & why would you choose him:

A chat with Bravo Delta: being a bad bottom

When you say “suck” do you mean suck their dick, or suck out their soul? I’d suck Bill Gates’s dick because I could probably charge him the most for the time and still have the chance to chat about the typical computer nerd stuff. I’d suck out Wierd Al’s soul and keep it in a jar; maybe the little ghost version of him will sing song parodies for me. Why didn’t I choose Bush? Because nobody cares to see pointless news reports for the next 3 months about some scandal involving our ex-president getting his dick sucked by a guy and photos of it being “leaked” onto Twitter.

Are there any porn actors you’d really like to top who you haven’t yet? Who and why?

Hmmm… Well contrary to popular belief, Eli Lewis and I have never engaged in coitus, so I’d like to finally top him in order to make the porny side of the internet have a meltdown (or something). There are a bunch more that I can’t think of off the top of my head.

Check out Bravo fucking Max Carter- and and watch the whole scene here!

What things do you avoid doing the days before a shoot?
Excessively masturbating, having sex (can’t void your test), eating too much junk food, drinking alcoholic beverages, and getting what could potentially be a bad haircut or shave/trim job.

Do you get the strongest reactions from potential suitors when they find out you’re an uber-nerd or a porn actor? What kind of reactions have you had from people?

Usually every other potential suitor I meet has their own nerdy side, so that’s no big deal. We usually get along pretty well once that’s established. The porn thing though, that’s different. Sometimes people already know, so it’s no big deal. In the case of people that don’t already know, so far I’ve only really dealt with cases where they didn’t believe me until I showed them. Usually they either think it’s kinda cool or aren’t evidently bothered by it.

When you’re dating, how long do you wait until telling the person you’ve done porn work?

If they don’t already know, I’ll usually casually mention it on the first date. Soooo… about 20 minutes.

A chat with Bravo Delta: being a bad bottom

If you could pick one of your scenes to appear in the hall of porn classics, which one would it be and why?

Hahaha given I really had a choice and it was a thing, I’d say the clip (that obviously got cut out) of me fucking Levi Karter and doing the Spongebob laugh. Um, other than that, either the Answered Prayersscene I did because I finally got to mummify someone, or the scene I did with Deviant Otterbecause I think it scared a few people.

What do you consider your best and worst body attributes?

Best: My triceps are nice and grow relatively quickly. Others might say my butt, but that’s mostly maternal genetics.
Worst: My skin- it burns and gets irritated by everything. It’s like, all of the Irish heritage in me just went to my skin.

What’s the most common thing that people who recognise you from porn remark upon when they meet you in person? What’s the rudest things strangers have said to you?

Something like “Oh my god you’re so short! I thought you’d be like 6 feet tall!” and “Aren’t you straight?” Like, where have you been?
The rudest things strangers have said to me have obviously never been in person, but rather in the form of anonymous posts in my Tumblr inbox. I can’t think of what the rudest thing was off the top of my head because I usually just delete them. Probably someone calling me a dirty slut with mental issues or something.

Check out Bravo’s art-haus jerk-a-thon ‘Penetralia’ and and watch the whole scene here!

Uncut vs cut – who wins?

I’ve never been in direct contact with an uncut (or ‘intact’ if you’re one of those people who are unnecessarily sensitive about terminology for the state of one’s foreskin) penis. Crazy, right? But I’ve heard they’re much more enjoyable and easier to work with than cut ones.

Amazing abs vs bubble butt – who wins?

Depends on the person really, but probably butt. Butts win.

PC vs MAC – who wins?

You so can’t ask me this. So I’m answering it my own way.
Since this isn’t asking Apple vs M$…
Windows-based PCs win in terms of customization, power for cost, and flexibility.
Apple wins in terms of hardware uniformity and platform stability (usually, for me at least).

And lastly, which of these would you rather find in your mailbox:

A chat with Bravo Delta: being a bad bottom

The whip thing, of course. Has multiple uses. I’m not about handcuffs after the last time… Let’s just say someone ended up stuck to a trash can until we found the key.

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