A chat with Axel Brooks: he wants to bang Boomer Banks

Axel Brooks Twitter profilesays it all “This muscular hunk from Spain admits that he’s always wanted to be naked and perform in gay porn”.

Well, he certainly succeeded, having worked with top studios such as Men.com, Raging Stallion and Men At Play. I caught up with him to ask a few questions, including how a native Spanish speaker possibly understood a word that his one-time scene partner, London scallywag through-and-through, Paddy O’Brian said to him…

A chat with Axel Brooks: he wants to bang Boomer Banks

You have an incredibly masculine, muscular body- what do you do to keep so fit?

Hehehehe I do my best… The body is like when you bake a cake, the measures have to be right-one part dieting, one part training. I try go everyday to do fitness and TRX (total body workout) training. But the most important is to keep your mind in focus.

Who has been your favourite top you’ve worked with so far in your career and why?

My favourite top has been Neil Stevens, ever since we did The Hustler by Men At Play. This man is very sexy and and a real power-top.

Check out The Hustler below and watch the whole scene here!

Tell us about working with Paddy O’Brian- did you have a hard time understanding his accent?

My experience working with paddy was very, very good. He is a very normal and masculine guy and very sexy, and I understood him very well when he spoke.

If you could have a fantasy threesome with two guys in the industry, who would they be and why?

If I need to choose for a threesome I choose Boomer Banks and Billy Santoro, because I feel that these two are so masculine and sexy.

Who has been your favourite bottom you’ve worked with so far and why?

That would have to be Adrian Toledo, from when we did Sexo in Barcelona part 2By Raging Stallion, because his ass is AMAZING.

Check out Sexo in Barcelona part 2 below and watch the whole scene here!

What is your tattoo of?

I have only one on my arm, I got it in 2004 and it is Maori style. I want to get more….

What kind of guys do you find attractive in your personal life?

I don’t have one type of man, but I like guys with brown skin, darker men. I’m more into interracial.

If you could pick one of your scenes as your favourite, which one would it be and why?

I have lots of great memories from all the companies I’ve worked with this past 5 years, but I choose Nasty GuysBy Men At Play because was amazing this experience and was my first international shooting experience.

Check out Nasty Guys below and watch the whole scene here!

Uncut vs cut – who wins?


Amazing abs vs bubble butt – who wins?


Hairy chest vs smooth chest – who wins?

Hairy is a plus always!

Give us three reasons why Spanish men are the hottest in the world!

1. Very beautiful faces
2 Good kissers
3 They have a masculine smell!

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  1. George says:

    He’s gorgeous. He can come nestle in my hairy chest any time he likes

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