50% off Men At Play membership- for one week only

Men At Play misses you! What, you’ve never met? Well, don’t think it creepy but it’s missed you anyway. How can it miss someone it’s never met? Stop asking so many questions- just pop open your lube, get the tissues ready and enjoy the attention you’re getting from an apparently sentient website.

Men At Play are offering 50% off membership for this week only, so if you’re feeling in the mood to watch some hunky muscle dudes in suits (then half out of suits (and then naked)) then head over here and for a measly $12.50 you get a WHOLE MONTHS MEMBERSHIP!

That’s like the same price as a pizza and it doesn’t even make you fat. In actual fact, you’ll probably lose weight from all the cum you’ll be spilling over your keyboard.

Because they’ve brought us such treats as Danny Star getting fucked by Logan Moore before a ball(!),  beautiful stud Flex being pounded into man-gasm by Caleb Roca and cock-hound Logan Moore getting totally double penetrated.

Ouch/Hot huh?

50% off Men At Play membership- for one week only

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