5 question interview with Colby Keller

Who hasn’t heard of Colby Keller? He’s one of the industry’s most recognizable faces, has worked for most of the major studios (even those naughty guys at Treasure Island) and has the kind of hairy chest you want to gently run your hand through… while he’s got your legs over his shoulders and is pounding your ass of course. I recently got to ask him five pertinent questions about his life & porn…

5 question interview with Colby Keller

You looked like you had a good time recently fucking Jonny Rapid in Pervy Professor, did you enjoy the role-play aspect & getting to dominate a much smaller and totally cute bottom?

I am very versatile sexually so yes, I like a variety of types of experiences and one of my favorites is being the big bad top with a willing and smaller bottom… and as you said, it doesn’t hurt that Johnny’s SOOOOO cute.

If you were granted a (very specific) wish that you could get to sleep with any celebrity, who would you choose and why?

I would probably sleep with Michael Fassbenderbecause he is beautiful and I heard he… oops, I mean I saw his great penis in Shame.

What’s the weirdest / hottest / most plain daft things guys have said to you when you’ve been fucking?

Weirdest- “I think it hurts, but I’m not sure.”, Hottest- “Don’t stop”, Daft- “You were on my bucket list.”

5 question interview with Colby Keller

What are your hobbies outside of pounding guys faces into a pillow?

Read my blog to find out. I have a lot: colbykeller.com

Many of your fans see you as almost the antithesis of a porn star, in that you have a strong personality, opinionated & educated viewpoints and don’t seem to get wrapped up in the intrigues of the industry. What’s your thoughts on this & do you agree?

I think most people who work in porn have their own thoughts and opinions. I’m just lucky that a few people seem to listen to mine. I also try as hard as I can not to blog/write about myself for the sake of it.

I think that’s the biggest trap a lot of adult models fall into. As interesting as I think I may be, ideas/art/food/politics/economics are always a lot more interesting.

You can see more of Colby at such places as Men.comand Naked Sword.

3 responses to “5 question interview with Colby Keller”

  1. Hannah says:

    Legend. That is all I have to say!

  2. Fredestairs says:

    He seems like a top guy, as well as fucking hot!

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