5 question interview with Tim Kruger


Tim Kruger is an enigmatic fellow. You can’t accuse him of being a showman- he doesn’t overact in his porn scenes, he just gives it his genuine all, as he pounds yet another lusty bottom into a squealing, sexual mess of a man.

His site Tim Tales attracts some of the hottest European (and sometimes beyond) models, who want to get a taste of Tim’s 10 inch cock- and invariably get it shoved up their butt. It’s a great site I’ve lost a lot of loads over, and now that he just released his first DVD┬ácalled ‘Ficken’ (featuring exclusive scenes not on the site)- well, he’s just made my month.

So I had to pin him down for five quick questions…

First- we need to talk about your cock! It’s very impressive- do bottoms find it hard to take?

Most of the bottoms can take my cock somehow, I know very well how to use it so I start slowly and if their hole is relaxed I start getting rougher. But just 2 weeks ago it happens for the first time that a guy could not take my cock. He really wanted to shoot with me and has seen my videos of course and even did porn before but i guess it was only with small cocks.

So we tried for a while and decided then to cancel the shoot because I want the bottoms to enjoy it and this looked more like the Exorcism Of Emily Rose!

Was it the reason you moved to Barcelona- to be closer to all these sexy uncut guys?

Well, I lived in Berlin before so there were no shortage of uncut guys but after more than 12 years in Berlin I just had the feeling I wanted a little change in life and enjoy a bit more sun and the beach so that┬┤s why I moved to Barcelona.

And all the hot Latin guys here are a big bonus of course!

You have a boyfriend- how does that work considering your work?

Yes, I have a boyfriend, for almost 8 years, and we started Tim Tales together. He also is the cameraman and there were never a problem with me fucking other guys.

Sometimes he even gets turned on by it and gets his cock sucked during filming while I fuck the model (yeah, I’ve noticed!)

What guys in the industry would you love to have appear on your site- and in your bed, for your own pleasure?

Filming is pleasure for me so there is not much difference between who I wanna film with and who I just wanna meet in private. There are so many hot guys around but I would love to film with Dale Cooper, Colby Keller or Boomer Banks.

But this list could easily be extended. Armond Rizzo, Marco Rubi, Draven Torres or recently Jake Kelvin I also get horny seeing them. And I really wanna fuck Rogan Richards. Everytime I shoot with him for my site I can not stop wathing his butt, I mean did you see it? It’s such a turn on! (Here’s a pic of Rogan Richards getting his ass eaten out!)

How do you feel when you cum in a guy’s mouth- do you get off on being dominant?

I really like feeding the guys with my cum at the end but also very often it’s the bottom who really want me to give them my cum. They’re almost insisting it so I don’t know who is the dominant one then LOL!

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    I love to see tim give head to his fuck toy then fuck him hard

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