5 question interview with Ricky Roman

Ricky Roman is somehow cuter in person than in his pictures. He’s got sparkling eyes and an easy smile, so when you factor in his ripped body, big dick and an ass that’s had the likes of Jake Bass, Dale Cooper & Pierre Fitch drooling over it… Well, he’s obviously total crush material. I caught up with the young scamp to ask a few quick-fire questions…

5 question interview with Ricky Roman

You’ve now done a scene with a few notable porn stars, including Jake Bass, Austin Wilde, Pierre Fitch and Dale Cooper. Can you share some behind-the-scene experiences or bloopers?

All of these names you mentioned were all professionals and good at what they do.

I gotta say though, one night when we were filming the haunting, Dale Cooper decided to help his self to a cigarette and then snack on cheese cubes during a break in the bedroom scene. We were shooting sex & it didn’t feel sexy at that moment haha. Dale was a pleasure to work with otherwise.

5 question interview with Ricky Roman

Speaking of ‘The Haunting’. How did you feel about being asked to act? Did you find it a challenge?

Being asked to act, like actually act not just sex moans & filthy talk, was a breath of fresh air & this is what I love about working with a studio like Cockyboys is that we are given this artistic freedom which is so refreshing, especially in this industry.

To be honest I hope that the opportunity to be featured in mainstream film presents itself. I know I have this scarlet letter for doing what I do now but hell if James Deencan do it, why not me.

If we could only watch one of your Cockyboys scene, which one would you choose and why?

If you could watch one of my scenes (even though I’m proud of The Haunting) I would say the one with Jake Bass. The sexual chemistry was just right & natural and I think it’s very apparent in the final product.

5 question interview with Ricky Roman

Tell us how often you work out and how you keep such a lean, hot body? Does working out ever become a drag or are you addicted?

I try to hit the gym for about an hour at least 5 times a week. I don’t eat garbage; I was raised eating healthy. A very Mediterranean/Asian diet made for a lot of fish salad and rice growing up. In addition to that I eat a lot of chicken & pasta. Protein shakes two times a day. I also try to drink a gallon of water a day. I avoid fried shit & soda and I don’t drink much fruit juice. I would say I’m addicted to working out but don’t get me wrong it can still be a drag!

Can you tell us about your tattoos? What do you have and what do they mean to you?

It says ‘Ragazzo’ over my heart, It was my first tattoo that I got at 16. It is the most meaningful of all of them because it means ‘guy’ in Italian, representing that I’ll always be a kid a heart. The designs I have on my shoulders are called filigrees, which I got simply because I like the way they look on my collar bones. I have 3 nautical stars on my right side on the ribs.. cliché but I like stars.

The big tribal design that wraps from the left side to the back was my 18th birthday present to myself. It’s Polynesian inspired, I just wanted a big piece honestly. The lion on my back shoulder blade plays off of my family crest. It reads ‘pace/amore’ which translates into ‘peace/love’ from Italian. The bow & arrow on my right hip represents my Sagittarius being. I love horoscopes & I love my sign.

I have tribal style pistols on the inner of my right thigh. Sort of my spin on the yin & yang. I have a small heart on the inner of my right middle finger that I got matching with a friend. Lastly on the inner of my right bicep it reads “Little Monster” obviously a tribute to Lady Gaga who simply gives me life.

Ricky Roman is an exclusive Cockyboy. You can see all of his scenes here.

5 responses to “5 question interview with Ricky Roman”

  1. Great article and Ricky is as genuine in person as he comes off in this interview. He's endured cheese cubes AND having a full suit hacked off him in Answered Prayers: The Banker which makes him all the more profesh and fun to work with! Great job guys!

  2. Hannah says:

    The infamous cheese cube scene! Still…it was incredibly hot, so bravo to Ricky for suffering through such poor snack choice on dale's front to bring us epic porn

  3. Jeffrey says:

    He's of course my favorite. His scenes are just beautiful to watch. An Ricky baby you are right now days anyone can cross over to mainstream with the right studio and right people. I always say you have a bright future. Your smart, sexy, talented and level headed. Oh and did I say I got one hell of a crush on you haha as if you didn't know. Unconditional love and support always from me.

  4. VivianTNJ says:

    I agree with you. Ricky is beautiful on screen, but in person he is just so much more. He's gorgeous, charming and exudes an openness that draws you to him. I could definitely see him on the big screen. I love the meaning behind all the tattoos.

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