5 question interview with Dato Foland

Dato Foland has made a splash over at Men.com recently, having signed up with the super-site and beginning to work his way through their roster of studs, jocks and manly men, sucking & fucking like a pro along the way. We’ve got a lot of steamy scenes involving this Russian god to look forward to, and I managed to pin him down (I wish I didn’t mean it figuratively!) for a few minutes between shoots and got him to answer a few questions. And I can tell you, that Russian accent was enough to make me want to drop my pants and bend over at the first syllable…

5 question interview with Dato Foland

You have an intense, serious look about you- are you actually a serious guy in person? No. But that’s always the first impression. I usually put on a serious face when I tell jokes. I am always kidding and I love it. For me when the energy with the crew and your partner is good everything flows perfect. So what better than do your job happy?

You’re a very talented bottom- any hot studs you’ve got your sights on in 2014? I always try to get chemistry with my partner so for me every new scene it is a new challenge and I try to have a good time. I do not have anyone special in my mind… I love new hot surprises because I am lucky to always shoot with amazing partners.

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What kind of guys do you go for in your personal life and are you the top or Do you have a boyfriend? I like Bad Guys… But they have to be special and make me laugh every day. Also I love intelligent people. I prefer to be the top but when I love a guy… for me there are no frontiers.

Yes I have boyfriend and he is in the industry too.

5 question interview with Dato Foland

What’s been your favorite porn experience so far? I love every time I shoot in Madrid. I love the people and it always gives me some creative and crazy ideas. But I am sure there will be more new and better experiences in the future.

5 question interview with Dato Foland

What are your hobbies and interests, apart from working out at the gym and taking big dicks! I love the world of the plants and I really enjoy cultivating them. My favourite are Orquideas. Another Hobby I have and really love is taking pictures… I love photography and I love when I am working because always learn a little bit more about the technique.

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What a hot & classy fucker.

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