5 question interview with Bravo Delta

Xtube superstar and long-term Cockyboys exclusive Bravo Delta is a hairy chested, fat dicked stud who has a reputation for being a reserved but impressive top (it’s always the quiet ones huh?). I tracked him down so he could answer a few of my questions…

5 question interview with Bravo Delta

What prompted you to upload your first videos onto Xtube, and did you expect such a large reaction? How long were you on Xube before Cockyboys approached you? Were they the first company to approach you? Originally I was really into film and stuff, and I decided to film myself jacking off once… Then I’m pretty sure I recorded over it. Then I did it a second time and actually edited it and ended up putting it on XTube. I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was definitely more of a success than the first time I ever uploaded a video to YouTube. I was on XTube since I was 19, and Cockyboys contacted me when I was 20 or 21, so a year or 2 later.

I had a few recruiters from FCF Agency and I think one from Colt contact me via XTube message early on, but at the time I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do and had no way of really getting back to them. Benny Morecockfrom Cockyboys was the first one to contact me via Twitter (and then email), and that’s where I ultimately ended up after a few months of email banter about videogames, geek stuff, and a minimal amount of actual porn discussion!

Have you ever shaved/waxed your chest or any of your other hairy parts? No, not really. I remember when I first started growing armpit hair I shaved it off because I thought it was weird, but that was many years ago. I mean, other than that people kind of freak out when I shave my face; I end up looking like a 16 year old for a few days until the stubble shadow comes back.

I don’t like not having at least a thin beard. Um… Last week I shaved my shoulders and the few random hairs I had on my upper back… but that’s really no big deal. I don’t think I’d do much more than that, especially since I’d probably cut my nipples off, and with luck like that I don’t like the idea of going anywhere below the belt, especially places where I can’t normally see. (Who the fuck am I kidding? If I had a good enough reason to, I’d probably get it all waxed haha)

5 question interview with Bravo Delta

How’d you feel about being one of the few people to top Austin Wilde? Did he take it like a man or did it take some work to get him warmed up? I didn’t realize this was such a big thing until a few weeks ago when this random guy I was kinda hanging out with (and hooked up with once) commented on how awesome it was.

But yeah, Austin took it really well. No complaints here. A little tight at first, but he relaxed pretty quickly. I think we only had to stop at one point. Probably because I’m really not good at fucking in awkward positions.

Are you straight/bisexual/gay? What gets you off on having sex with men, is it the domination of having another guy submitting to your dick (seeing as we’ve only seen you top)? I literally did an entire video interview centered around this today for straightguysdoc.com.Okay, so I always threw around the “I’m 69% straight” thing for a while, but still got compulsively questioned about it. Personally, I’ve never had a long term relationship with a guy. I’ve only had long term relationships with girls.

I can’t really recall any times where I had a crush on a guy (before porn at least, after is another story). Sure, I could probably pick an attractive guy out of a crowd if I had to back then. Overall, I feel like I lean toward girls more than I do guys, so I don’t consider myself exactly bisexual, especially since I’ve never been with a guy aside from shooting porn, a few hookups, …and maybe a few dates… so I don’t exactly know how that would work out and how I’d feel about it if I gave it a shot.

On the terms of having sex with men, I tend to be more rough with men than with women. I think it was just the way I was raised- it’s okay for the guys to throw rocks at each other because they can take it, but girls are fragile (obviously not usually true).

Plus I never try to get a girl to go along with anal sex since they don’t have a prostate. At least with a guy I know he’s getting at least some pleasure (instead of just pain). Also, in my experience guys tend to be more willing to have sex for the fun of it, and they usually know their way around a penis better.

But yeah, I’m going to be completely honest here: one of the reasons I don’t really want to bottom is a fear that I’ll end up bottoming more often than I want to (which, even if I happen to like it, won’t be very often). I’m actually relatively prudish for someone in porn haha

5 question interview with Bravo Delta

You’re very vocal online and have quite a large fanbase- do you get lots of people recognising you on the street and what do they usually say? Do people send you weird stuff on Tumblr/Twitter/Email/Mail? If so, tell us about the craziest ones! Not usually actually. If ever, it’s when I’m at a club or something, and it happens a lot more often in NYC than it does in Boston. Hmm… I do get some weird stuff. Half of the time I’m not sure whether or not I should take something seriously or not… usually I do either way, just for comedic effect.

OH! There is this one guy on Twitter that uses one of my pics as his avatar and literally ONLY TWEETS AT ME (in broken English, so that makes certain things sound a bit creepier than others). And half of those tweets have to do with my ass. I feel bad never responding, and I don’t want to block him, but when you ask me that often how much I charge to spend the night with someone (when I don’t even do that) and tell me to visualize things in my ass, I can’t help but look away from the screen and scroll past the tweets.

5 responses to “5 question interview with Bravo Delta”

  1. Blake says:

    He's extremely hot, and his tumblur is oretty funny and whimsical as he is a major nerd. But sometimes I get the vibe that he's kinda a boring person, He's porn scenes are kinda boring IMO.

    I personally asked him if he was bi and he replied "yeah,pretty much"

    I guess his "2-2.5" knsey rating is what he meant by "pretty much"

  2. The question kept coming because the answer was false. 69% bullshit. He's a total fake. He's trying to be nice. I get it. But still fake and boring.

  3. Hannah says:

    I love Bravo. He has such charisma. I love interacting with him. His responses on tumblr show off his creative genius no end, always hilarious to see him take on an idiot!

  4. Yogurthead says:

    He's a total hottie. That hairy chest just gets me anytime. Knowing that he's bi just makes it hotter for me.

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