5 question interview with Asher Hawk

Asher Hawk is the cute, toned, tattooed new kid on the block around the Cockyboys office- he’s smart, handsome and with the sexiest deep voice you’ve heard this side of Alan Rickman. I tied him up and forced him to answer five of my questions. That was 2 weeks ago, I should probably go back and see if he’s OK, right?

5 question interview with Asher Hawk

You recently had a scene with Ty Roderick where he screwed you in the back of a car- what was your favorite part of working with Ty and why? Ty was great. He was my first scene partner and really helped break me in (literally). Best part of working with him was probably getting fucked by him, the dude’s hot as hell, haha.

Check out the trailer for Asher & Ty below, and see the whole thing by clicking here!

Now that you’ve had a scene with your fantasy guy Pierre Fitch, who’s next on your list of fantasy fuck partner? Brent Everett and Brent Corrigan were legends back in the day. Doing a scene with one of them would be a wet dream come true, haha. I don’t think either of them do porn anymore though.

Tell us about your chest tattoo- what does it mean and why did you get it? It’s from the Noah and the Whale song L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. Just means that even though shit gets heavy sometimes life carries on regardless. It’s a message that resonated with me and I like the way it looks as well.

5 question interview with Asher Hawk

You seem like a very enthusiastic bottom on screen- are you the same in your personal life? What is it about being fucked that you like so much? What’s the type of guy you go for in your personal life? Well I’m versatile, I like to top as well as bottom. I’d say I appreciate taking a big dick more than more than most guys do though. In my personal life I like scruffy, muscular, masculine blonde guys. Intelligent, ambitious, and open minded are probably the three most important traits to me.

5 question interview with Asher Hawk

How do you feel about the fake twitter account that appeared in your name (and got a ton of followers!)- did it weird you out? Weird as hell. A fan account or parody account is one thing, but pretending to be me, tweeting personal details of “my” life that are completely inaccurate (he’s referred to a couple different people as “my” boyfriend), constantly blowing up twitter with total nonsense and making me look illiterate and really stupid (half his tweets make no sense at all). I really don’t appreciate it. It’s @asherhawk, @asherhawkxxxis fake. Hopefully more people realize this (and some of his thousands of followers come my way).

4 responses to “5 question interview with Asher Hawk”

  1. Anonymous says:

    "like scruffy, muscular, masculine blonde guys. Intelligent, ambitious, and open minded are probably the three most important traits" WHERE THE HELL IS HAYDEN LOURD THEN? They really must fucks.

  2. kittys_devil says:

    Asher is such a great guy!! Love him! Thanks for doing this Nick!!

  3. Mary says:

    Asher seems like a down to earth guy, very likeable. I think we would be happy to have him paired up with just about anyone. Great interview!

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