5 question interview with Aleks Buldocek

Aleks Buldocek is a big, burly, hairy chested stud of a man who I pinned down (not quite literally, his arms are as thick as my legs) for a quick interview…

You’ve done scenes with extremely hot guys like Shawn Wolfe and Marcus Isaacs. If you could choose your next scene partner, who would it be? I can’t say I have a clear front-runner for next scene partner. I’m sure if they’re a little scruffy with some ink like Shawn and Marcus, we’ll have great chemistry and some good fun. I’ve always enjoyed role play scenes so maybe something where I’m a cop or the buff substitute teacher or whatever having my way with my perp or pupil.

5 question interview with Aleks Buldocek

Fitness is a huge part of your life and you even have a blog about it. What’s your secret to looking so good? It’s just a tumblr blog so it kinda writes itself. I’m very much into bodybuilding and fitness. I lift heavy five days a week, try to eat cleanly, and do my cardio by gogo dancing on the weekends. Because I do porn modeling and escorting, I’ve got lots of time to dedicate to gym work and to study up to become a personal trainer.

5 question interview with Aleks Buldocek

You’re nominated for a Hookie Award as Mr. Chicago. How has your experience been working as an escort? Do you think your experience in porn makes you a better escort? Porn is very different than escorting. Sure, they’re both in the sex industry, but in porn you’re paired up with other models based around your preferences. Escorting is completely random and you have to be open to all different personalities and bodies. I think my social work experience makes me a good escort more than my camera work. It was more than flattering to be nominated for Mr. Chicago.

5 question interview with Aleks Buldocek

What’s the significance of the prominent tattoo on your chest? My chest tattoo is graffiti from the May ’68 riots in Paris. It says, “Don’t liberate me, I’m in charge of that myself.” The sense of autonomy and self-determination really resonated with me. I always wait a while before settling on a new tattoo and all of them mark something that is special to my life. All of them except my green armbands; it’s my favorite color and I thought they’d look cool.

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You seem to take great pride in being the pup to muscle daddy, Paul Steele, yet you describe yourself as a Dom/Top. What does being a pup mean in your working and/or personal relationships? Being a puppy is part of who I am, and it’s an identity with ties to the leather community. I’m a pretty big dog though and identify as an Alpha which means I mentor and Dom other pups/guys. I don’t think any pup really wants to be a stray though no matter how big and dominant they are, and I enjoy submitting only to my Daddy and showing off for him by topping other pups when we do puppy play.

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