5 question interview with Troy Daniels

5 question interview with Troy Daniels

Pinned to my fridge, I have this picture of you surrounded by massive dicks where you look just about ready to suck every one of them down your throat… That was my holiday greeting card from last year. Inside it read, “Happy Holidays! Eat a bag of dicks. Love, Troy Daniels.” The image is taken from Hot House’s Pack Attack 7: Troy Daniels. You should check it out, I’m on the cover and everything!

You’re known for being on the kinky side of the scales, for instance your intense scenes with Bound Gods. What’s the kinkiest sexual thing you’ve done on & off screen? Do you find vanilla sex dull now that you’ve had so many intense experiences on screen?

I think you could pick any of my Bound Gods scenes and that would be the kinkiest work I’ve done. I couldn’t really parse out the levels of kink from those scenes and tell you which one was more kinky, because they’re all pretty hardcore. Although, the Christian Wilde scene was probably one of my favorite scenes with Kink to shoot, because Christian is such a great guy and we had really great chemistry together.

I’m not really kinky in my personal life. I like to fuck in jock straps and athletic gear. I have kind of a jock fetish. But I don’t see that as really kinky. I guess after three years of shooting porn I’ve become a little jaded about what “kink” and “vanilla” are. I think they’re just terms that people try and use to label sex and create a hierarchy. But is vanilla sex dull now? I suppose? I guess any sex can be dull when you don’t have the right fuck partner, it doesn’t matter where it lands on the kink spectrum.

5 question interview with Troy Daniels

You’ve worked for a few studios in your porn career, including Lucas, Naked Sword and Hot House. What were your most memorable experiences so far? I think my most memorable experiences have been shooting on location. With Lucas, Naked Sword, Hot House and Titan, I got to shoot in some pretty idyllic settings. Heat Wave 2 (Lucas) was set on Fire Island, with the scene being shot in the late afternoon and early evening when the sun was setting and the light was golden, it was actually really beautiful, and other than my scene partner yelling at his girlfriend on the phone, pretty romantic. Wilde Road(Naked Sword) was filmed in Sonoma, and the countryside there acted almost as another character in the film.

With Hot House I did Trunks 6 in Palm Springs. Matt Cole and I shot half our scene in the pool, which was pretty great considering it was well over 100 degrees! That scene also produced some of my favorite stills of my career. I also got to shoot on location with Titan and Dragon Media, in Palm Springs and upstate New York, respectively. Shooting on location can be a lot of fun because you get to spend more time with your scene partners and with the studio people and crew. After they yell cut you get to shoot the breeze and hang out with some really cool people.

5 question interview with Troy Daniels

You’ve moved to Berlin, what prompted that? Have you been exploring the darker underbelly of gay nightlife the city is infamous for? I did a study abroad program in Berlin from Fall 2011 to Spring 2012 and fell in love with the city.

I also fell in love with a man. After I finished my degree at U.C. Berkeley last year, I decided I wanted to move back and be with my boyfriend (now husband) and live abroad.

I’ve gone out in Berlin my fair share. Is it revolutionary? Meh. I went out plenty in San Francisco and New York when I lived in those cities and really couldn’t tell you there’s a huge difference between the U.S. and Berlin. Maybe the length of the parties. I went to Snax this past April which started Saturday night and went until Monday morning (I left at the respectable hour of 4am).

The City takes a laissez faire attitude with nightclubs, drinking, and drugs, so for some it’s like being a kid in a candy store. There’s definitely a higher level of hedonism here, but that’s not really something that interests me.

5 question interview with Troy Daniels

Will you be coming back to the USA any time soon to resume your porn career? If not why not, and if so what models and studios do you hope to work with? I probably won’t be moving back to the U.S. any time soon. I’m married and have a life in Berlin now. I was very lucky to be able to work with a lot of really hot guys during my tenure as a porn power bottom. If there’s anyone that I wish I could’ve worked with it probably would have been Christopher Daniels, Harley Everett, Shawn Wolfe, and Kennedy Carter.

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  1. gressus says:

    Hi Troy, Are there any new films in the works? Regards.

  2. Gressus says:

    Hi Troy, I'm a new fan, and have enjoyed all your films. When will you visit San Francisco? The Folsom Street Faire is in the 21 September 2014. It would be nice to meet your spouse too. Where did you get married?

  3. Fredestairs says:

    That's a nice, broad load *ahem* of work he's done there

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