5 question interview with JD Phoenix

JD Phoenix has quite possibly the most perfect butt in gay porn today- and he’s making good use of it, appearing in a wide range of scenes (time travelling orgyanyone?) for a wide range of studios (his butt was the inspiration for A Thing Of Beauty, perhaps?).

He’s also a familiar face on the party scene in NYC, only a few weeks ago I slipped a dollar into his waistband on the bar at The Cockand he’s currently dancing at Daniel Nardicio’s underwear partieson Fire Island. I managed to pin him down for a few quick questions…

5 question interview with JD Phoenix

Considering how impressed your fans are with your bottoming skills, do you actually consider yourself to be a power bottom? Have you ever met a guy with a cock you just couldn’t take? I declare I am the official power bottom. I execute what it truly means to be a power bottom. I’m in control of the dick going in and out of my ass and can take a pounding. I’ve actually never come in contact with a guys dick that is too big that I wouldn’t be willing to have sex.

5 question interview with JD Phoenix

What things do you like best about living in NYC?

I don’t live in NYC. I only lived there for a little less than 4 months to be closer to Cockyboys but I’ve moved on and there’s no-where else to go but up! I’ve been continuing my go-go’ing gigs and am busy with clients. I’m now back upstate New York going to college at Hudson Valley Community College working on my Fine Arts Degree.

Planning to go back to Vegas next summer which is where I belong and I’ve finally realized it. Saving my money and planning to get a new car and becoming more than a ‘Pornstar’ (I hate that word). I might be in denial but I have a good sense of what I want to be and who I am. Porn isn’t my living.

5 question interview with JD Phoenix

I saw you only the other week dancing on the bar at The Cock. Tell us about any crazy things that have happened up there! And how many times a night you get finger banged?!

When I’m dancing I’m very kind to every one but when one gets too far, even if they are “cute” I swat them away and continue on my way. While being in the city, what supported me to live there was go-go’ing. It was a big source of my income and I worked 5 nights a week. Not too may crazy things I mean I’ve been blown on the bar but with the right amount of money its definitely possible.

5 question interview with JD Phoenix

You recently tweeted “I’m on this planet to prove that an innocent good looking guy can be a #nastypig.” Give us examples of just how nasty a pig you are… I’m going to folsom this year so there will be pictures that can prove it. If I wrote what I’ve done in words people wouldn’t believe me. Its just things that you would need to personally witness being around me 24/7 to understand! A piggy never oinks oinks oinks about oinks oinks!

You’re going to be whipped in the street at Folsom this year- tell us what you get out of being whipped? What’s going through your head when it’s happening? The feeling is of course pain to the naked and blind eye. I’ve been judged and subjected by certain groups in the gay community because of it. Mostly because I did it in public and people went nuts.

There are many reason why I do it:

The Shock Value- I wanted to surprise the average person. For them to see a guy that looks like the way I do, to show them how dark the the darkest places I’ve been are. Show them that yeah I’m pretty but I’m still a guy that has feelings and not just a sex object. I still can look beautiful especially with slashes and blood running down my back.

Attention- theSword.comhad a big post about it and to be frank I was glad that Mr Pamrecorded it. This blew up and caught the attention of the very close minded pig heads that we have in the world. I didn’t care about what they were saying but when they started attacking Leo ForteI got pissed. Since I first met him in San Francisco I found something inside of him that attracted me to him and got to know more about him. We talked about doing this for a while and basically we got so close the 3rd time I ever saw him we did it.

Pain- The industry is full of cold hearted people! Only out to use and break you. I have thrown away the bad people and people that I didn’t feel that will help me grow and kept the good. I’ve been in many dark places since being on my own when I was 17 years old and 2500 miles away from the closest relative. Whipping is something I can’t even explain why I like it. There’s a connection with me and Leo that I can’t describe and being with him before, during and after our little session we had I can’t put into words the feeling but it was incredible. Just don’t judge something if you’ve never done it. Everyone has their own opinions about BDSM.

3 responses to “5 question interview with JD Phoenix”

  1. Bc says:

    I've chatted with him in person in Albany ny at a local bar. He is very nice and down to earth.

  2. Hannah says:

    I love JD. He is a beautiful boy and I hope he finds what he wants from life

  3. blondnblu says:

    unusually honest, candid chat. He seems so terribly grounded. I am impressed and will look for his projects and support him where I can.

    Best of luck to you in all your endeavors!


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