5 question interview with Dale Cooper

Dale Cooper is intelligent, literate, rocking a fantastic six-pack and loves to draw. Sounds like perfect boyfriend material right? Well, judging from his answers to my 5 question interview below he might actually be single- so start forming an orderly line guys! You can see his blog here and follow him on Twitter here.

5 question interview with Dale Cooper

You’ve had some regular writing gigs with the Huffington post– was it working in porn that put you on their radar or something else? Do you think your porn work has opened doors to opportunities that you’d never considered before you started?

It was porn, but mostly through some work I did for AIDS LifeCycle. I was writing for that charity and HuffPo gave me a blogger login and I use it from time to time. And opportunities certainly present themselves, but largely those have taken the shape of meeting with really interesting or intelligent or admirable people, which has been really awesome.

5 question interview with Dale Cooper

I can tell from your (quite frankly super cool) Dale Does Draw page on your blog that you’re an avid biker (like myself). Tell us about your last fun cycle ride, where you went, what you saw… and did it lead to sweaty, after-biking sex?

Yay for bikers! I do bike a lot. My day job is working as a bike messenger, actually, so I ride quite a lot. I am actually taking a break from cycling to write this email. I see tons of crazy stuff in the great city of Baltimore, but today has been relatively tame. And so far, no crazy biker sex, alas. 🙁 I have a really sexy coworker who I fantasize about plenty though, so there is some sweaty post biking masturbation for sure.

5 question interview with Dale Cooper

There’s always rumors milling around that yourself and Colby Keller have been dating on and off for years? Would you like to come out and put those rumors to rest one way or the other (in an OK! magazine style tell-all!)?


Considering you’ve now had sex with a ghost (in Cockyboys The Haunting) you can tick that off your bucket list. Name a few other things on your list of things to do before you die?

I would really like to learn an instrument proficiently. I’ve dabbled with the violin and bass but my two jobs and prepping for future school are taking up all of my time at the moment. And learn to speak another language fluently.

5 question interview with Dale Cooper

What two other porn stars would be in your fantasy threesome? (and you can’t say Gabriel Clark and Colby Keller because we’ve already seen that!)

I don’t really know many others, but two that I have worked with before that I would love to get together with would be James Jamessonand Connor McGuire. I think I got their names right. Yes, I have a thing for redheads.

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  1. Hannah says:

    Dales voice. I have no further comment, other than I hear every answer in that sexy deep voice.

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