5 question interview with Chris Harder

Chris Harder has made a splash over at Cockyboys- having first exploded onto the porn scene  in the summer of 2013 with his travel diary / sexploits film ‘Go-GOGO-Go!’, in which he travelled Europe working as a Boylesque dancer & fucking his way through a dozen uncut hotties (I’m assuming).

Once he returned to his home base of NYC he set about working with Cockyboys boss Jake Jaxson in birthing his latest multi-part feature ‘Answered Prayers’ from a vision into reality, and Chris even stars in the latest scene titled ‘The Healer‘. Among other things Chris also runs his own, very enjoyable, blog at chrisharderfilms.com.

5 question interview with Chris Harder

How has the transition from being a GoGo dancer to Boylesque star to porn star treating you? I honestly can say I feel really happy with my decision to enter the adult industry. I attribute a great deal of that to getting signed as an exclusive with Cocky Guys and also to their incredibly loyal fan base.

My fan base from performing as “Gogo Harder” has certainly shifted a little bit. I get that not everyone who watches me at a dinner theater show wants to necessarily also watch my ass get eaten online! Overall though–and I truly believe this–I’ve never encountered a more supportive community of performers than the NYC burlesque scene.

So many of us already blur the line between stripper/sex worker/”artist” that it’s not too great a leap to see a fellow performer make the full transition into the “adult space.” Plus, just like with Cocky Guys, I think my female Boylesk fans and burlesque co-workers actually really seeing a more xxx version of me!

5 question interview with Chris Harder

Tell us a bit about how your influence has been felt throughout the filming of the Answered Prayers series?Director Jake Jaxson originally brought me on in part because of my experience performing and producing in gay night life plus the more eclectic and eccentric burlesque and cabaret scenes.

There is definitely a theatrical element to the porn that’s being created in Answered Prayers. I don’t think that’s just because of me but instead because there is a full team of creators who are interested in working outside of the traditional porn set-up–not that there’s anything wrong with that either!

Collaborating on the look of AP has also made me stretch my own typical performance aesthetics which used to be much more “show guy.” I think with Answered Prayers one of the challenges is creating these new spaces and worlds and dialogue that are unconventional but still approachable for both art and porn consumers.

5 question interview with Chris Harder

Who are your porn star crushes across the industry who you’d like to work with over the next few years? Well…! I’ve already gotten to cross one crush off my list with Diesel Washington (watch that here) who I always thought was a fucking stud. I also grew up lusting after Matthew Rush (please cum out of retirement!).

Race Cooper, Rafael Alencar, and Jesse Jackman are also men I’d really love to have toss me around. I suppose I really do have a daddy fetish! That said, the idea of flipping with Brandon Jones and Cockyboy’s own Ricky Roman are also pretty palatable.

You took a tour around Europe this year, as chronicled in your Go-GOGO-Go!short film. Tell us about one of your sexual experiences with a hot European that didn’t get any mention in the film!

My all time favorite sex club is in London: the Vault. It’s great because there’s a night where you have to strip completely naked, no clothes allowed. I got to the club, changed just into my leather boots and grabbed a pint and started cruising. After about 5 minutes this beautiful mixed guy came up to me and just started making out. He was such a good kisser that i just went with it and before I knew it he had a condom on me and backed immediately onto my dick.

I can definitely do my fair share of man handling so I just grabbed his hips and fucked him hard and fast in doggie style until he shot on the floor. When he finished he simply turned around, smiled at me and then grabbed his pint and left. I shot my load a few minutes later with this ginger fire fighter who had been watching us the whole time. All no strings attached. NYC seriously needs a Vault!

Trailer below: Chris getting pounded by Ty Roderick! Watch the whole scene here!

Are you a natural at bottoming? And do tell us a little something about how it was to get pounded by Ty Roderick (watch the trailer above and click here to see the whole thing!)?

It’s funny because I definitely like to get pounded now, but it really wasn’t until my fifth or sixth time bottoming that I actually enjoyed getting fucked.

I distinctly remember riding this guys’ dick in college, wondering if he’d come soon because my ass was exhausted, when suddenly I felt this switch happen in me (literally) and immediately loved the feeling of his cock. I’ve been good pretty much from that point forward so I would say, “Practice make perfect, gentlemen.”

Oh, and Ty’s dick felt great!

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  1. ArdorForHarder says:

    I love the five minute interviews. The questions are always interesting and I learn a lot, but still want more! Chris has such a unique perspective and I'd love to live in his shoes for a month to experience his life. Hopefully he would be filming with Ricky Roman that month!

  2. LisaO says:

    I love this article & really enjoyed learning more about Chris. I think he's great and Cockyboys is lucky to have him!

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