10 of the best Seancody guys- and the raw sex they have


Seancody is undoubtedly the spiritual online home of the gay jock. It’s the place where we all go when we’re in the mood for some lean meat- the masculine, college-age and of almost inconceivably buffed beauty kind. There isn’t a scrawny twink in sight- these young guys are 100% beefsteak, the kind of studs that you can’t tear your eyes off in the gym locker-room… and the inspiration for my late-night fraternity fuck fantasies.

Over the years a lot of guys have passed through the sun-drenched doors of the Seancody studios- but only a small, select group have been brought back for round after round of fucking- they’re the fan favorites, the ones you can’t get through a week without having a sly jerk off to. So to share my love of these jocks, here’s my list of the top ten Seancody men…

Brandon is one of the most popular models on Seancody, with over 18 videos showcasing his beefy body, beach-bum hair and no-nonsense approach to fucking an ass. He’s an exclusive top, which is kind of frustrating because he has a perfect peach of a bubble butt, but I also enjoy the masculine authority it lends him.

His worked out chest is his strongest feature- his pecs are really something, strong and ripped, while his waist is small and tight, giving his body the proportions of an Action Man figure… until you get to his mop of messy hair, leaving you in no doubt he’s just a sexy surfer guy, with a smile to melt any man’s heart (and a dick that’s opened many a man’s hole).

Joey is a ‘charming, shy guy’ in his own words, and he’s known as being goofy (his ears probably account for that). Of course, all that also makes him entirely adorable. He might be shy in life but he’s not in bed- he’s vocal when he’s fucking, whether he’s the top or the bottom (hell yeah, we got a versatile guy here!). Don’t be mistaken, he’s often a bottom and takes other jock dicks like a champ, but occasionally we’ll get to see him dealing out some powerful thrusts of his own when he’s in the mood to top.

What I find especially hot about Joey is his tight body- he’s tall so he’s got a long torso, and his abs are perfectly defined and look so sexy glistening under a sheen of sweat.

Graham’s a relative newbie to Seancody but he’s already popular- probably because he looks like a cheeky schoolboy getting away with something naughty, with his big grin and lean, defined body. Just from his open, fresh face you know he’s going to be fun to watch- he brings a young mans wonder at how good it feels to have his ass licked out, and then speared by thick, jock cock.

Graham’s hairy legs are definitely my favourite feature of his- I really get off on watching them being held in the air as he’s getting fucked. And the way he can’t stop smiling throughout his scenes… *heart melts*

David is your classic butch ginger (or red head, if you want to be politically correct) guy. Totally down to earth, handsome, eager to please and a powerful, dominant top. He’s also a passionate kisser, which he uses to warm up his conquests and lull them into a false sense of security… They think this is going to be easy, but once his cock gets inside them (with it’s big, thick vein down the middle), he turns into an animal!

David’s got some arty tattoos covering his shoulders and occasionally likes to grow his stubble- which I totally approve of. I can only imagine what it’s like to be a smaller bottom getting pounded beneath him… fucking hot I bet!

Dean is the textbook definition of a bro- totally woah and yeaaah and ‘I’m down with that!’. It’s incredibly hot to watch because he never quite crosses the line into sounding like a douche-bag- it all seems genuinely charming and goofy. Plus, he can do back-flips. Isn’t there something stupidly hot about that?

He’s got a stunning body, an open personality and a handsome face, plus he’s totally versatile, so we get to see him taking as well as giving a good ass-fucking. He’s the poster guy of Seancody and I always want more more more!

Tanner is one of those handsome men who every time I see I do a double take- can this absolute cutie actually be real?! He’s got the sweetest smile, the sexist light layer of fur over his toned pecs (when he stays away from the razor, anyway), and the kind of abs I want to dribble my pre-cum over and use as massage oil. Every morning.

Thankfully, yes, he’s real, and guy is he a busy guy- he’s flip fucked his way across the stable of Seancody studs, giving up his ass numerous times for hot tops and being a dominant fucker to a host of randy bottoms. He even took part in a mountain getaway orgy– this cutie is up for anything!

“I just broke up with my girlfriend”… dangerous words to say around Seancody, as there’s a bunch of horny jocks ready to help you get over your relationship woes by thrusting a hard dick in your face. But Landon doesn’t seem to mind- he’s handsome, toned, versatile and not afraid of sucking a dick or three.

Admittedly Seancody is quite heavily weighted on the side of the Caucasian-persuasion, so it’s great to have him around to provide some contrast– and he’s worked his way through a bunch of his fellow jocks, fucking a lot of white ass and taking a lot of white cock! Yay for multiculturalism!

Now Jack is your classic jock- not overly complicated, just a hulk of muscle, gristle and power, with a thick veiny dick that he uses to domainate any ass that passes his way. He gets to fuck around with a lot of other hot jocks at Seancody, but I especially like it when they team him up with a smaller bottom, like Michael, so we really get to see just how large Jack is (I thought he was going to fuck Michael through the bed).

He’s got a great laugh, a relaxed sense of humour and is a card-carrying bro- so totally at home doing curls and/or licking out an ass at the Seancody gym. And he knows exactly how good his dick feel in a guys ass. Gotta love that kind of confidence.

“I’m from the midwest,” Jayden says about himself, “Everyone from the midwest is nice!”- well he’s not wrong about himself, he seems like a total sweetheart. He’s one of the younger Seancody jocks, a little on the twink side, but with the muscles and abs to show he’s an authentic athlete.

He’s as happy giving a long-dicking as he is taking it, which is great to see in a young guy like himself- being open to everything (and every cock) is what youth is about! Jayden can be quiet but he isn’t shy about showing off his rocking body, and as soon as the clothes come off he’s always as hard as a rock. I love how dependable a twenty year olds cock is!

Tate took a long break after he first came to Seancody, but after two years he was back and ready for more- and now he had the kind of stunning abs and bulging pecs we expect to see from our Seancody jocks. He hasn’t wasted much time in getting his furry butt fucked by some of the most popular men on the site- just recently Jack, Brodyand Davidall got to sample his tight hole, and I’m hellavu jealous about it.

Because Tate is just about the most guy-next-door a guy can be, with his buzz-cut hair, bulging arms like a clean cut southern guy, and an almost shy-like quality that gets cast aside as soon as he’s naked and hard. The kind of guy you take home to mom!

4 responses to “10 of the best Seancody guys- and the raw sex they have”

  1. Killer says:

    What about Ryan?
    Watching him get fucked by Abe is one of my all time favorite scenes

  2. John Iii says:

    Abe in his prime. He could fuck his twink btms totally silly and they loved every minute of it

  3. Luke Tillery says:

    Well my fave is always gonna be Brandon and no list ain’t gonna tell me otherwise BUT I’d still fuck every guy on this page LOL so I either better get a plane ticket to Cali or just keep jerking my pud to the website

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