1 minute interview with Cockyboys exclusive Jett Black

Porn star interviews are tedious- we all know it, maybe even the porn stars themselves. The interviewers give them way too much time to blabber on about protein diets and visionary directors when all we really want to know is how much they love cum and what’s the strangest thing they’ve ever used as lube (damn, why do I only think of that question now?!).

So I decided to limit my interviews to ONE MINUTE. Yes, just ONE MINUTE to answer a series of probing, fascinating questions that I’d thought up five minutes before. Here’s the first in the series featuring the man with the perfect blond mop, Jett Black.

And when you raise your eyebrows at my mediocre interviewing skills, just think of the word ‘endearing’…

What a hot blond, right?

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  1. spicy says:

    2 accents. asdfghjklqwertyuiopdfghnjmikmosdnin!

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