1 minute interview with Cockyboys exclusive Ricky Roman

I took this video during Grabbys this year, and for some reason (laziness) it took me forever to get it on here. Which is a crime, because Ricky Roman is so freaking adorable in it.

I question him about his sex life, if he spits or swallows, if he’s getting more tattoos, what the biggest dick he has taken is… really, everything you’ve ever wanted to know about this sexy young man.

Fellow Cockyboys exclusive and Ricky’s good buddy Levi Karter is a guest star in it too, providing a laugh track and one very interesting question at the end…

5 responses to “1 minute interview with Cockyboys exclusive Ricky Roman”

  1. Anonymous says:

    ricky amazin n1.. so gr8

  2. Levi says 'Do you like fisting?'…. Oh Levi!

  3. Bee says:

    Cute. What did Levi ask him at the end?

  4. stefsie says:

    Ricky's adorable! and so are you. and god, that accent 😉

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